AMD Vega release date leaked! Specs more powerful than Nvidia’s 1080ti with 16gb HMB2

A rumour is circulating that AMD will be releasing three variants of its new Vega graphics cards on June 5th which means you will not have to wait long at all to start gaming in 4k! It has been leaked that there will be three different variants of the card which MD RX Vega Core ($399), RX Vega Eclipse ($499), and RX Vega Nova ($599).

What is more someone has leaked information about the most powerful vega card that will be available on CompuBench database. The leak shows that the highest spec card will be more powerful than the GTX 1080ti by Nvidia. The card will feature 16GB of super duper HBM2 and will be clocked at 1600MHz, which will give it more then 13 teraflops of raw power. Plus if you add in the fact that the new card will also have high bandwidth memory cache technology and other neat goodies, it is easy to see that Nvidia’s days of being the top dog in the graphics card world are numbered.

Unfortunately it is also reported that AMD’s vega card maybe in short supply when they do come out with only 16, 000 units being made due to them being made with expensive HBM2 memory which could mean it might be expensive and difficult to get your hands on the new cars when they do come out. However having said that this rumour could be a clever marketing tactic by AMD to get people to rush out and buy their cards as soon as they are released.

Whether you are on the blue team or the red team when it comes to graphics cards AMD’s latest arrival will surely shake the market and competition against Nvidias monopoly is always a good thing. Hopefully this will be a start of an arms race between Nvidia and AMD which will only benefit consumers as nvidias and AMD battle to produce cheaper more powerful cards. Already rumours are in the air that Nvidia might be releasing its next line of graphics cards codenamed Volta early in response to AMD’s vega card.

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