Amd vega disappoints with leaked performance benchmark and fact that there will be only 16,000 available

A leaked 3dmark Fire Strike benchmark performance test of the upcoming amd Rx vega card suggests that the card only matches the nvidia’s GTA 1070, which means if you were hoping that amd’s latest card would give nvidia’s a run for its money you will be sadly disappointed. Unless amd drastically undercuts nvidia’s 1070 which is highly unlikely (AMDs choice of expensive hardware such as using HBM2 memory being used will make undercutting nvidia’s very hard) it looks as though there isn’t really much of a point to the release of vega.

In the leaked benchmark test the vega card was tested with a asus prime x370 pro motherboard and a ryzen 7 1800x cpu (high spec set up). With this set up the vega card scored a Fire Strike score of 14,412 and a graphic score of 17,801 points and hit an average frame rate of 60fps with a top GPs of 70. It is unclear whether the leaked benchmark test results where on a fully fledged vega card or just a stripped down one.. we will only really know how good vega is when real gamers get there hands on the cards and are able to test out the cards and post real world gaming benchmarks rather than blindly speculating.

If you have been waiting a long time to get you hands on the vega card you maybe further disappointed on the news that if rumours prove true, AMD have only created 20 000 units of the new card making getting your hands on this slower than 1080 card very difficult and potentially expensive when the card is released at the end of q2.

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  1. there is 3 vegas coming out and one reportedly beats the titan xp, so why dont we wait for actual results on the 16th and not just throw around the same rumor form weeks ago

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