AMD to release Vega Frontier Edition in june

Contrary to the rumours that were floating around AMD will not be releasing its gaming graphics card that it has been boasting about since march 2016.

AMD was expected to announce information about its new vega card yesterday at its Financial Analyst Day event but to the disappointment of gamers it wasn’t the information people were expecting. Instead of releasing more information about its upcoming consumer vega gaming cards..AMD has instead announced that they are releasing the professional Vega Frontier Edition graphics cards in June instead. This means gamers will have to wait longer to get their hands on one. AMD did not reveal the price of the new frontier edition graphics card however it is expected to be around the same price as nvidia ‘s titan graphics card which targets professional designers and even scientists ho are into machine learning.

During the event AMD also announced that it will be releasing a 16 core professional CPU too.. this added to AMD’s silence about its gaming vega cards at the event indicates that they are currently targeting the professional market rather than gamers, so it maybe a long wait for vega gaming graphics cards.

AMD’s decision to not release it gaming card which the company has been teasing for months, will no doubt infuriate people who have been holding off building a new computer and waiting for the new vega graphics cards. Some have already criticised AMD for its already late release of its vega card and with nvidia’s Volta graphic card set to be released in early 2018 which will be even more powerful many are questioning the whole point of AMD’s vega graphics cards.

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