AMD releases vega and it disappoints gamers

AMD have started shipping their first batch of high end vega graphics cards. The vega frontier edition graphics cards are designed with content creators in mind. These new cards come in two different variants the air cooled version priced at $999 and the water cooled version that is priced at $1499. These prices may seem expensive for a graphics card but compared to nvidia’s quadro fx 5600 which is $2,999 this card actually is actually quite cheap.

Gaming benchmarks have surfaced online by people who have managed to get their hands on this new card. These gaming benchmarks show that the new card matches the performance of nvidia’s 1080 graphics card which was released 18 months ago. This news has left many disappointed. However, the fact of the matter is that the frontier edition was never meant to be a gaming card as it has been designed for content creation such as game development. This means that the features of the card are more optimised towards functions needed by content creators such as rendering, high res models, editing 4K video and particle effect simulation. Despite the poor results in gaming the frontier card actually is quite fast compared to other professional cards. The frontier card also features a gaming mode this has been added to help game developers play test their games instead of having to test the game on another graphics card.

AMD is set to release its gaming Rx vega cards in early august. These cards are said to be more optimised for games and should be faster…but how much is anyone’s guess as AMD has kept tight lipped on their exact specs and performance. Some are speculating online that the gaming vega cards will not be much faster than the frontier version. Some people are even questioning the actual point of the cards, especially considering that nvidia will be releasing its volta graphics cards in early 2018. By in large it is highly likely that the frontier editions gaming benchmarks will match that of the Rx vega gamings. This is because it is very unlikely that AMD will greatly change the silicon and architecture of the frontier card for their gaming cards due to the huge cost of developing a new GPU. So get ready to be disappointed when the gaming cards are released.

Hopefully this will not be the case at AMD will be able to pull it out of the bag and release something special as competition is always good when it comes to technology because the consumer always wins at the end of the day.

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