Linux driver update leaks AMD Vega specs

As the release of vega draws closer more and more leaks are coming out exposing the nitty gritty details of the card albeit details that only genius nerds can really understand and appreciate.

A recent Linux driver update has revealed more than ever before the specs for AMD’s latest graphics card Rx vega which is due to be released sometime in q2. In the Linux driver update it details how the vega graphics card will use 14nm Vega 10 XT architecture which will make it clock more than any other amd card. The vega card will also have a healthy 64 compute units, 4 Shader Engines, 4096 Stream Processors along with 12.5 teraflops performance power and not forgetting 8gb HBM2 on a 2048-Bit memory interface making it a tough challenger to nvidia’s high end 1080 and 1080ti graphics cards. If the sheer out of the box power of the new vega card wasn’t enough many are speculating that and will further boost the cards performance via driver updates to make it perform even better in certain games. It is also speculated/expected that amd will also try to sell its new vega graphics card at a much cheaper price than nvidia’s high end graphics cards to try to grab some of the market share.

Despite the buzz around amds vega graphics card and the release of amds very popular Ryzen  cpu it isn’t all just sunshine lollipops for amd as shares in the company have plummeted after failing to make a profit and instead actually made a loss of $73 million and used up $321million from its cash reserves in q1 2017..wups! Maybe amd is one of these not for profit tech company’s 😉

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