AMD hints at Vega GPU release date and shows off 8k graphics

AMD Vega can do 8k! At Las Vegas at the NAB exhibition AMD has shown off the new Vega gpu video editing in 8k on Adobe’s Premiere Pro CC 2017, something that was once thought to be years away for consumer level graphics cards.
More details have also emerged as well, it has been revealed that Vega will be available in a smaller version for mobile devices and will feature. The desktop GPU will feature 4gb, 8gb or even 16gb of hbm2 memory 2048-bit memory bus with 512GB/s bandwidth making it on par with the highest end Nvidia cards.

On AMD’s polish facebook page a user asks amd when will Vega be available and AMD hints at a release date by replying “When it is ready … and it will be this quarter.”

Whether your an AMD or Nvidia fan this is good news for everyone because thanks to AMD pushing the boundaries it has meant Nvidia has had to step up their game as well. It is now rumoured that Nvidia maybe releasing its VOLTA line-up of graphics cards earlier than expected and will be using GGDR6 memory powering it well above Vegas 512bg/s bandwidth with 768gb/s memory bandwidth giving it a performance boost of up to 45% from nvidias current GPU’s that AMDS volta is meant to be competing with.

The question now is do you wait 2 months or so to buy an AMD vega card or do you wait till the end of 2017 or early 2018 for nvidias Volta? TOUGH DECISION.

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