AMD betrays gamers with AMD vega card

It appears as though AMD vega was never intended to be for gamers but for Miners.

As AMD finally after much delay releases their new vega graphics card many pc gamers are left annoyed and angry as AMD seemingly prioritizes cryptocurrency miners.

Many pc gamers have been looking forward to the vega graphics card.. drawn in by the fancy marketing and gaming orientated technology such as their High Bandwidth Cache system that was meant to better allocate memory in demanding AA games for better performance.

However it turns out this card wasn’t ever going to be enjoyed by games. Even AMD‘s Raja Koduri has since admitted after the dismal release of the vega cards that the new card is not optimized for gaming saying on twitter: “Infinity fabric on Vega is optimized for server. It’s a very scalable fabric and you will see consumer optimized versions of it in future.”

Just days after the release of amd vega card AMD released a “killer” mining driver update that pushes the card to new levels of crypto mining… causing the new cards to sell out EVERYWHERE as the miners buy them all up!

Maybe, one reason for this push towards crypto mining is that AMD realized that they could not compete with Nvidia’s graphics card in gaming performance(barely beating year old nvidia graphics cards) and price so decided to target the miners instead.

AMD has took a gamble by alienating pc gamers. By siding with a volatile and potentially short term customer base in the form of cryptocurrency miners as a opposed to the stable and loyal pc gamers AMD has said goodbye to many loyal pc gamer customers. If/when cryptocurrency goes out of fashion AMD will have to win back trust from the gamers.

To further add salt to the wounds of pc gamers who waited to buy a vega graphics card it looks as though prices for Nvidia’s graphics cards are set to rise 10% due to worldwide shortages of HHBM2 memory. However if you like conspiracy theories then you could say that this apparent shortage is just “made up” by the technology firms to push prices up for graphics cards to squeeze more money out of people.

Many gamers are now playing the waiting game and holding out for the new Volta graphics card set to be released by Nvidia in early 2018. The hope is that Nvidia does not play the same stunt that AMD has played… or else it could mean that the only place to buy a new graphics card for gaming will be from ebay (a year after release of the card and will be pretty much burnt out after being used to mine coins all day everyday).

What do you think?

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  1. I hope no one ever reads this article, like I just did. There is almost nothing true in this article and the few facts present are twisted to portay the opposte of reality.
    This article is false from start to finish.

    Cryptomining is very bad for the AMD and Invidia, and the gamers trying to buy sold out/overpriced cards.
    AMD is taking steps to avoid the cards being used by cryptomining by selling them in multi product bundles. A risky move for them made expressly to counter the current trend of cards getting sold out to cryptominers by making it unprofitable for the miner but still appealing to many gaming consumers.
    AMD stated multiple times before the card was ever released that it’s not aimed toward gaming, but to fill a niche for (if i remember this part correctly) content creators, streamers, and some gaming.
    Thankfully it gives consumers who dislike Nvidia a high end card option for gaming to boot.

    All these facts can easily be supported from multiple sources found from just a quick search.

    • Amd did tons of Doom demos and did tons of gaming presentations… up until nvidia released the 1080ti then amd went quite and probably decided to go down the mining root without telling anyone.

  2. AMD had all the gamers on. It has targeted miners deliberately stabbing gamers in the back just to make a quick couple of bucks on the mining hype. This is why we need more than two graphics cards companies or else the consumer just gets screwed time and time again!

  3. I agree amd really screwed a lot of gamers who held out and waited for the new desktop..not only to be disappointed by amd dismal vega card but also the rise in price for nvidia cards. Now building a gaming computer is more expensive for the same specs that it was months ago thanks to shortage of memory.

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