Amazon take advantage of Hurricane Irma victims by price gouging bottles of water

Hurricane Irma is a category 5 storm and is the second powerfullest Atlantic storm ever recorded in history!

Whilst many in America and in the Caribbean are fearing that they will loose everything as hurricane Irma threatens to wreak havoc over them, Amazon thinks it is a great opportunity to make more money. The amoral company has started to take advantage of people living in the destructive path of hurricane Irma by massively inflating the price of water. Many are taking to buying water online as supermarkets quickly sell out of necessity items in regions hit and about to be hit by the storm. Diana Moskovitz an editor for deadspin was quoted $179.25!

Some disgruntled customers have took to twitter to shame the company:

Price gouging such as this is illegal in Florida, one of the regions set to be hit by hurricane Irma. Like always however Amazon will simply get away with it just like it gets away with evading tax, selling peado guidebooks and all the other immoral and illegal things this company does. Evidence that this shiny happy media company couldn’t care less what happens to you, amazon is not on your side.

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