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Amazon Prime Day Deals are RIP OFFs don’t be SCAMMED!

Amazon review - it is a scam rip off

Read this before shopping at Amazon during their Prime Day so called “sales”!

Increasing the price of something and then slightly reducing it does not make something a deal but that is exactly what Amazon does during its Prime Day sales.

It would seem that Amazons greed knows no bounds. During a cost of living crisis Amazon is choosing to increase its prices and rip off consumers using its online retailing monopoly to do so. Consumer research groups that track prices on Amazon have seen prices on the online retail site skyrocket in recent months with some items now costing 4x more than before the cost of living crisis began.

Not only are Amazon’s prices increasing but the quality of the products that they are selling has significantly declined as well. Amazons marketplaces has now become dominated by crappy “Chinese” brands that are selling sub-par items at high prices. Amazon promotes these brands to the top of their search results because they are the most profitable for Amazon because the Chinese brands are cheap to import and do not pay tax such as VAT.

Amazon also allows these Chinese brands to write as many fake reviews for their products as they like. More often than not you will click on an amazon product page and when scrolling to the review section you will be met by dozens of 5 star reviews often written in broken English and extremely generic. these reviews even when reported are left up by Amazon because amazon treats their customers as fools and wants to make it look like their Chinese tat is better than it is.
By promoting Chinese sellers over real UK business Amazon is not only hurting consumers but they are also damaging the economy. Chinese sellers do not pay tax on their products which means when you buy from Amazon money is being taken out of the UK and sent to a totalitarian communist country that is hell bent on ruining western democracies.

Amazon is using it’s monopoly to crush competition and hike up its prices

Amazon is able to get away with ripping off customers like this because it now has a toxic monopoly. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find alternatives places to buy online for certain products as Amazon has caused many small businesses to go bust. This is bad news for consumers as there becomes less and less choice Amazon is able to hike up its prices and things are only going to get worse.

Instead of being able to shop around and find the best deals amazons is now dominating the internet by using anti competitive tactics to push all other competitors out of sight. For example because Amazons prices are so high they are able to dominate the Google shopping ads. Amazon uses its vast wealth to bid the Cost per click (CPC) of its ads so high that no other retailer can compete. This means that instead of internet users being able to find cheaper more better alternatives on google and other search engines Amazon now dominates most product searches so most other retail sites cannot be found.

Amazon also unscrupulously uses fake reviews to promote its products both on its marketplace and through its affiliate scheme. Amazon has designed its affiliate scheme to trick people into buying their junk and so that the only products anyone every promotes now are Amazons because they get a commission not because they are any good.

The Amazon affiliate scheme works by encouraging internet marketers to create fake reviews on other websites that pays them a commission when someone buys after clicking an affiliate link. This has meant that the internet is now spammed to death with fake reviews of amazon products by scammers who don’t even own the item and are wanting users to click their link and buy from amazon so they can make money.

The UK tory government will not do a thing to combat the rise of amazon and prevent the destruction of online retail because they are simply in the pockets of Jeff Bezos. Buying from Amazon doesn’t just empty your wallet but it also contributes to the collapse of our economy.

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  1. If you want to buy overpriced second hand tat then Amazon is the place to buy. I’ve not bought from them since they sent me a their used garbage. Literally I don’t know why anyone shops there anymore because the quality of the products is so shoddy.

  2. Yup, I’ve also have noticed the prices have gone up massively recently just so they can reduce them a bit for prime day. Its just one big con. People ought to save their money and not buy cheap Chinese junk that they do not need because they are going to need all the pennies they can rub together when the winter hits and fuel prices are sky high!!!

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