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Amazon is cashing in on the Russian invasion of Ukraine by selling Pro Russian merchandise !

Amazon review - it is a scam rip off

Amazon has stooped to a new low. Amazon has refused pull out of Russia and stop providing their services and products such as their online marketplace, Prime and amazon web services (aws). Not only that but amazon is also trying to profiteer from the crisis by selling Pro Russian/Soviet merchandise.

Unlike many other big international companies including Apple, Google, Coca Cola, Shell, McDonalds, Mastercard etc that all have stopped their operations in Russia Amazon is still doing business in the country.

Other companies have had to pull out of Russia after public backlash. For example after Shell bought cheap Russian Oil Shell was then forced to apologize and then pulled all its operations from Russia. However the owner of Amazon Jeff Bezos who is one of the richest and greediest men in the world does not want to stop doing business with Russia and making money from helping them.

Not only has Amazon decided to carry on doing business in Russia they have also started selling Pro Russian merchandise to cash in on the Ukrainian invasion. It has been reported by the DailyMail that Amazon has been selling t-shirts with the pro Russian “V” and “Z” symbols on them. These controversial symbols are being painted onto Russian tanks and convoys invading Ukraine and are considered to be the Russian equivalent of the Nazi’s Swastika. Amazon is also selling Soviet Communist Party Hammer and Sickle merchandise as well. Just doing a simple search of hammer and sickle on amazon you find lots of cheap soviet union crap to buy. The hammer and sickle flag has seen being been brandished by Russian soldiers through invaded Ukrainian towns and and cities and one of the main goals of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine is to restore what he calls a soviet empire and reconquer territory lost when the soviet union collapsed.

Like always Amazon is proving that it has no morals at all and is putting money and its monopoly before peoples lives. Providing Russia with services such as amazon web services will help power their technology enabling them to spread their propaganda online and keep certain government and military systems running which might use AWS. Amazon doesn’t care and that’s why we should all boycott using this disgusting brand for good.

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