This is why you shouldn’t buy an Amazon Alexa!

As we rely less on the good old fashioned book and more on devices engineered by a few big tech companies to get our information, we are exposing ourselves to more propaganda than ever before. Amazon advertises Alexa as being “part of the family” able to assist in everyday life. Amazon even uses adverts showing children interacting with the device helping them with their homework etc.. BUT do you really want your kids interacting with such a device that quite clearly purports lies and propaganda? Do you really want your kids growing up thinking Jesus is a “fictional character” and prophet Muhammad was “wise” if so then you might not want your kids using Amazon Alexa because these are the lies it is telling.

In a recent viral video vlogger Steven Crowder exposes the truth about Amazon’s Alexa device and shows how it is trying to brainwash people with propaganda!

In the video Steven Crowder asks Alexa who “Who is Jesus is?” to which Alexa answers with a lie saying that Jesus is a “fictional character”. Steven then asks Alexa who prophet Muhammad is to which Alexa answers that Muhammad was a “wise prophet”. Steven Crowder also asks Alexa a number of other questions which then go on to expose Alexa as being nothing more than a propaganda machine. Alexa simply “echoes” the deprived minds of those in silicon valley who want to deceive and control you.

Amazon Alexa gets its answers by using algorithms to grab information from google and wikipedia and it is clear that these algorithms have been created to grab anything but christian values. However, this is no surprising from a company that has no morals. For example Amazon avoids paying billions in tax worldwide, has an immoral owner Jeff Bezos who now has a net worth of $100 billion but donates little to charity and instead donates $2.5M to WA same-sex marriage group, and sells pedophile guide books. The fact is that Amazon Alexa is at best a creepy spying device and at worst a device that is designed to influence people into Amazons way of thinking.

What do you think?

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  1. The Alexa response in the video was faked by using the “Simon says” festure. Many Christians can use Alexa for daily devotionals, and we shouldn’t promote lies, even about companies we don’t like.

    • Whether Simon says function was used or not doesn’t matter it still reminder that tech and the internet cannot be trusted. Machine learning will always be weighted based upon the subjective view of what is right and wrong by the one who programs it. Amazons morally corrupt.. Jeff bezos pays for court cases for gay marriage, amazon prime producers involved exposed as a “Harvey Weinstein” fellow amazon not paying tax, ruthless business practices..yadada.

      Id get my info from the bible rather than some lame device that could potentially be used in a bad way… machine learning will always be weighted based upon the subjective view of what is right and wrong by the one who programs it.

    • How can you say for sure it is fake? You cannot definitely say something is fake if you weren’t there and have no proof. Likewise the people in the video have no proof they didn’t fake it either. But what this video does show is that amazon could potentially warp peoples minds if they wanted too. Now its up to you to decide if you trust amazon or not.

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