Churches in Sheffield are soooo unfriendly!

(Please note: This article is not a dig at Christianity at all it is the opposite. I am writing this to help shine a light on the people occupying Churches not being Christian. Churches are for everyone not just for cliques. I don’t want others to go through the same thing that I have been through.)

So many people are suffering from feelings of loneliness and isolation because of the pandemic and has caused depression and suicide rates to be at record levels. That is why I think it is utterly horrendous that so called Christians in Churches are choosing to snub people during this desperate time.

By being so unfriendly and deliberately shunning new people churches in Sheffield are doing the TOTAL OPPOSITE of what God call us to do. Jesus told us to love our neighbour not ignore them. Jesus wants us to help seek out lost sheep not abandon them. He also told us that we should treat others how you would want to be treated. However most of the Christians in Sheffield obviously are not bothered about what GOD has to say and are too preoccupied with themselves to do good works.

What I have found going to churches in Sheffield

Churches in Sheffield are the most unfriendly places I have ever been too. I have been to a few different churches in Sheffield and if I am going to be totally honest I would say it has had a huge damaging effect on my faith and mental health as a result.

Instead of being welcoming to newcomers the vast majority of people at these churches that I have been too are cliquey and fake. You only have to read Google map reviews and TripAdvisor pages of various churches across Sheffield to see that this is not just me but people across Sheffield are being damaged by these places. Mostly people online talk about how unfriendly and clique these places are.

The worst culprits have to be at Pentecostal churches which seem to be popping up everywhere at the moment in Sheffield. These churches are awful… the preaching is often riddled with unbiblical prosperity nonsense that only ever focus on money and miracles. Pentecostal churches follow an egocentric gospel whereby the focus isn’t on God but themselves and how they can boost their own egos and bank balances. The pastors at these churches only seem to care about you if they have your bank details and your are a big tither (give the church money). Most of the services will be just excuses as to why you need to tithe more to prosper. The people at Pentecostal churches can act worse than pagans and are so fake it is unbelievable because they are only there for their own gain. This means that the people at these Churches have questionable faith and if their faith isn’t real therefore their sanctification isn’t real either.

Even the more biblical churches can be very cold places at times. I have found that the ministers at the more biblical churches are often friendlier and more genuine than those at Pentecostal churches. However this doesn’t mean that these churches are immune to being cold and unfriendly places. Currently I go to a church where most of the congregation will not talk to you if you are not accepted only the ministers will talk to you. They produce good services however unfortunately nobody at the church seems to want to practise what is being preached. Instead they would rather stick to their cliques and not talk to any newcomer fearing that they could be a threat to their social status in the church…

For any Christian reading this who is struggling with loneliness and depression because they are getting ignored at their church. I would recommended examining whether the church is actually preaching the real gospel or if it is setting people up to be inward looking. Don’t let a cliquey church damage your faith. You can always trust and rely on god even if people even other Christians let you down go will always be there for you. If you see a new person or someone you haven’t talked to before go and talk to them and do the opposite of what the other “Christians” are doing in your church. Be a bright shining light whilst their light is dull and boring.

What do you think?

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