Space Gorilla

I have been using my cinitq again and here is a space Gorilla fully equipped with a deadly ray gun and with those mad eyes you better stay well away from him! This painting took me around 3 days to complete, most of my time was took up trying to create the “metallic” cloth effect on the suit… which drove me nuts doing however after a lot of crtl z action I managed to complete this piece and learned a lot!
Half way through:

What do you think?

Written by James

I am a aspiring artist.. there isn't much else to say really!


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    • Thanks. I have had my cintiq for a couple of months now and Id say that it isn’t really worth the money. The parallax effect is really annoying and you can buy an Ipad pro now that hasn’t got the parallax effect plus it allows you to tilt the pen and is a fully fledged tablet for a third of the price of a cinitq! Plus you need a really powerful computer to make the most of the cintiq because in Photoshop it will lag like crazy if you work on high resolution images and lots of layers! I hope this helps.

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