Theresa May defends George Osborne’s many new jobs

The Tories always look after one of their own

Despite sacking George Osborne as chancellor and demoting him to the backbenches Theresa May
has spoken out in support of George Osborne latest new job as a newspaper editor for the London’s Evening Standard that he will start on 2nd may, which many believe compromise his position as an MP and show off his greed as a person.

“MPs throughout time and continuing now have often had other roles and responsibilities and jobs as well as being an MP.”

She also added that “I think generally a breadth of experience in the House of Commons is a good thing.”

George Osborne latest job at the London evening standard will be his SIXTH outside job as an MP, which many believe will mean that he will simply have no time for his continuance and cannot properly serve as an MP. Even more worrying is that among George Osborne’s many other jobs is that he is as an adviser to US investment firm BlackRock and earns more than $650, 000 a year advising them 4 days a month this new job is made even more dodgy by the fact that whilst chancellor George Osborne actually had meetings with top dogs from Blackrock at least 5 times at the treasury office… and nobody really know what they discussed! George Osborne also collects huge amounts of money doing speeches for other finical institutions and banks which many say is immoral as it gives these firms and insiders view and influence on the workings of the government. Many also see George Osborne money grab as rather sickening especially after years of his idealogical austerity and benefits cut policy’s that severely impacted the most vulnerable and poorest in our society.

Not everyone is ready to just shrug off George Osborne many new jobs as a good thing like Theresa May is ready to do, The Committee on Standards in Public Life is reviewing 2009 guidelines that state MP’s additional employment is allowed but should be within “reasonable limits”.

Do you think George Osborne can still properly serve is constituency with 6 jobs? Comment below if you think geroge Osborne should be able to get away with having 6 jobs or if you think he should go.

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  1. He is a real scumbag, only a true scumbag can get booed at a Paralympics medal ceremony. He should go.

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