8 reasons why google is evil

If you think that google goes by its mantra of “Dont be evil” then think again! Here are 8 reasons off the top of my head why Google is evil and why you should really start searching with something else…

1.Google censors the internet
If you are searching on google you are not getting the full picture of what is out there on the internet. Google makes out that it is liberal company all about “free speech” and is against censorship but this is just a lie! Everyday Google uses its search monopoly to effectively censor thousands of websites not because Google is forced to because of legal reasons but because these websites break “Google’s guidelines”… In other words a set of ambiguous rules that Google uses to demote any site it wishes in its search results. The Google Android Playstore guidelines also restrict Apps so that people can only use Apps that Google has approved. This allows Google to rig the entire internet and allow only information and ideas that Google wants promoting.

2.Google extorts money from small businesses
Google uses it search monopoly to take advantage of small businesses on the internet. If you are not visible when people search for you or products that you sell on Google chances are you will not be found. Google knows this and uses this to its advantage and has created algorithms that is codenamed “panda” and “penguin” that automatically detect small businesses online and demote them in its search results. Google does this to force small businesses to pay google via adwords to be displayed on its search results.

Google is one of the biggest lobbyists in the United States. For example, in the US Google has given democrat members millions of dollars to help with their political campaigns. Not only does this give these politicians a monetary advantage over other other politicians it also incentivizes those politicians to fight for things that are in Googles best interests. In essence this destroys what democracy is all about.

4. Spies on you!
Google has huge ties with the CIA and the establishment. One of Google’s main offices is actually located on Moffett federal air field in silicon valley. The CIA have invested heavily in Google since day 1 and have helped establish many of googles products such as google maps.

5.Google manipulates its search results for its own agenda
For example, If you search on google during elections particularly you will find that Google will show more biased search results towards the Democrats rather than the Republicans (or whomever they have the strongest influence on).

6.Eric Schmidt CEO of Google is a total weasel
Not only are Google search results politically biased, google’s/alphabet’s third in command Eric Schmidt played a huge part in president Obama’s political campaign as a campaign adviser and seems to be big pals with Obama… because he sure does have a heck of a lot of meetings with him at the white house. Eric Schmidt cosy relationship has helped Google.. such as making sure that criminal charges against google were dropped.

During Hilary Clinton campaign Eric Schmidt worked hard to make sure Hilary Clinton would win. It was revealed by Wikileaks through an email that Eric Schmidt sent to one of Hilary s campaign leaders that he wanted to develop a voter database through spying on android phone users data to find out who was voting for whom.

Even if you do not live in America chances are Google will have an influence on your government as well, for example, Eric Schmidt the political weasel has also has got his hands firmly grasped on the political strings of the  Tory party in the UK as he is Prime Ministerial adviser for tech! Advising the prime minister comes in handy when you want to do deals with the Uk government to cut your cooperation tax down a couple 100 million right?

7.Tax avoiders!
Despite making billions in the UK. google/Alphabet was able to make a deal with the UK government to cut its tax bill hugely. Many people in the UK feel that this deal Google and the Tories have done is just not fair!  Why should Google a US company be given special treatment and get away with paying only a small fraction of what they really owe whilst other small UK businesses struggle and aren’t able to use tax loopholes such as sending their money off to Ireland and Bermuda to avoid paying tax?

8. Googlers are devil worshipers?
It was revealed recently that the postcode Google uses to send its money off to Bermuda to avoid paying tax was 666.
Googles meddling in politics, its weird inventions such as Google Glass and its dominance and control over the internet on what we can and cannot find on the internet are extremely worrying and could be a precursor to the mark of the beast (this is total speculation of course).

There are lots of alternatives to Google that you can use to search the internet. However, I would not recommended anyone use Bing because Bing is owned by Microsoft and is just as evil with even more censored and garbage search results.

What do you think?

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  1. Oh there are a lot more reasons than just those 10!
    People should really stop using google to search for stuff because its just full of the eatsblishments sites and everything else is justmore or less censored.

  2. Hey James thanks so much! I am now using as my default search engine. Do you know of an email server that is respectful of privacy and doesn’t track you. I want to completely do away with Google.

    • Glad I could help. I think getting away from using Gmail is even more important because Gmail is the worst of all email services due to the fact that:
      a)Googles actively scans your PRIVATE emails and collects data which it then uses to show you “targeted ads” and possibly do other dodgy stuff with it for example a google employee was convicted of stalking on little childrens using data he got from their google accounts.
      b) One day you might log into your account and find that google has “detected unusual activity” for no reason at all… and needs you to send them a copy of your passport in order for them to unlock your account. If you don’t send them your passport details then all your emails will be lost forever (this has happened to me).

      One of the best email services is which encrypts all of your data and is said to be the most secure mail service around so secure that even the NSA cannot read your emails.

      The only downside to protonmail is the fact that it is limited to 150 messages per day for free accounts.

      However is a free and does not limit messages and has just as many cool features.

      With these encrypted email services you can choose to send normal messages or encrypted ones whereby the only way the receipt will be able to read the email is if they have a special password that you give them.

      You could also try icloud by apple which will be secure… Apple kind of takes security quite seriously, so much so that they refused to reveal iphone passwords of Isis terrorists in America to the government :/.

      Another good option is outlook, although outlook is owned by Microsoft so who knows what they are going to do with your data… but probably not as bad as google… and doesn’t at least lock you out of your account for no reason.

  3. China made a huge blunder thinking it could partner with US corporations and still compete in the information tech sector. For example, Huawei’s development of 5G. The USA is a corporation controlled neo-imperial empire, that rules on a global stage by first creating the requisite ideology – moralizing notions in its strategic interest and then sanction regimes to enforce their adoption. When US bases were threatened by the hostility of Koreans and Japanese to the rapes and murders by US troops stationed there, Bush and the neocons around 2000 ran with the feminist line that there was no such thing as ‘sex work’ and that it was men who coerced or enticed women and girls into prostitution against their interest. It then tied aid to a countries effort to stop ‘people trafficking’. This had a huge impact on third world countries such as the Philippines who tolerated prostitution as a clandestine industry rather than legalizes the feminist demand for abortion rights. Google is a monopolist, just try installing a 3rd party app on Android 11 if you doubt it.

  4. Google are a monopoly who are trying to control the flow of information online. Dictating what is true and what’s not is not something any company should have power over but thanks to our corrupt governments who are in the pockets of google we are seeing just that. Google even bullies small businesses out of existence too.

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