Superfeet premium blue insoles (8/8)

Superfeet premium blue insoles are terrible so do not buy if you don’t want to end up getting plantar fasciitis!
If you are looking to buy a pair of insoles that will help ease your plantar fasciitis then make sure you avoid superfeet blue premium insoles at all costs! I bought my pair from amazon for around £31 and they are absolutely rubbish!
These insoles are really poor quality and you will find that they will wear out quite quickly especially if you are wearing them inside your running shoes. What is more the support that these insoles is really bad and really is not good for your feet and would porbabaly cause you to get plantar fasciititis not help it, this is because these insoles push your arches upwards far too much when you wear them causing your arches to feel uncomfortable and tight this causes you to be more susceptible to over stretching and getting plantar fasciitits.

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