Superfeet Green (6/9)

Superfeet green insoles are often recommend on a lot of running forums and blogs as being the best insoles you can buy for running however these reviews often come from people being paid to say this or from people that work for superfeet lying to people to get people to buy their insoles.
I have a pair of superfeet greens after falling for the all the hype about these insoles and what a complete and utter waste of money it was buying them! THEY ARE ABSOLTUTLY RUBBISH!
First f all the insoles are perfectly flat and do not offer any support to your feet whatsoever which isn’t any good for helping with plantar fasciitis. Secondly these insoles have this hard plastic shell underneath the heel to “protect against shock” however all this plastic shell does is dig into your arch when you walk. Thirdly these insoles get worn out pretty fast.. I found with mine that only after wearing them for few times out running the insoles started to come apart… after about a month of wearing them the foam insole totally disintegrated and detached from the plastic heel cup underneath. If you are thinking about buying a pair of superfeet green insoles then think again!

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