Powerstep Protech full length orthotic support insoles (2/9)

I really don’t know who designed these insoles but whoever did must have designed them with their eyes closed or in a really dark room because these insoles are a really weird shape and really are not designed for human feet…The weird shape of these insoles make wearing them a highly uncomfortable experience! There is a lot of arch support on these insoles but way too much even if you have extremely flat feet like me if you wear these insoles will still push your feet upwards and hurt them. Something else that I do not like about these insoles is that they are very thin and do not absorb shock AT ALL! When you go running in them you can feel all the shocks and jolts to your feet as you run!

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  1. These are dreadful! They did not help with my foot pain at all in fact they made things worse and totally messed up my feet I would not suggest anyone buy them.

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