Review. Reasons why you should never buy Lenovo products

Lenovo is celebrating 25 years of ThinkPad with a limited edition laptop..but should you bother buying one? The company was founded 32 years ago in China by Liu Chuanzhi and has became a household name however having said that many people online are now taking to review sites such as sitejabber, trustpilot and even social media to complain about the company.

In this review we will be listing the many reasons why you should not buy any Lenovo products

Uses the cheapest and slowest CPUS of any other computer manufacturer

The fact is that Lenovo uses the cheapest CPU’s possible to power their budget and mid-range computers. The average person does not know much about CPU’s. The naming schemes that Intel and AMD use for their CPU’s is very confusing and because CPU’s change each year it is very hard to keep track of which one is the fastest. If you were to say to an average person which is faster out the Intel i7 7700 or the Core 2 Quad Q9650 many would not know the answer. Lenovo uses this to their advantage and often packs its computer with the cheapest and slowest cpu’s it can get their hands on to cut down on costs and too boost profits!

No graphics cards means no gaming!

A lot of budget (£300-£400) Lenovo desktops models do not come with a graphics card.. relying on intel hd graphics to power games. This means that if you just bought a new Lenovo computer and was hoping to play the latest games chances are you will be VERY disappointed, as the only games you will be able to play will be games that were released 10 years ago!

Rubbish RAM makes browsing the internet a thing of the past!

RAM? Who needs ram?

RAM is a very important part of any computer system. RAM stands for random access memory. It is a form of memory that allows information to be quickly stored and retrieved on a computer. It is much faster than other forms of memory because it is accessed randomly instead of sequentially making it a lot faster than memory found on an average hard drive. If you run out of RAM space your computer will usually store information on slower forms of memory such as your hard drive making your computer run much slower.

Most computers that Lenovo sell come with only 4gb of ram and in today’s world 4gb of ram will simply not cut it. With only 4gb means that you will also experience serious lag in ram hungry programs such as Photoshop you may even struggle to load multiple tabs in firefox (especially tabs with lots of photos)! Lenovo does not even name what type of RAM it uses.. (type of ram is very important as DDR4 RAM is a lot faster than DDR RAM and can make a big difference).. this is because it uses the cheapest type possible so it’nt worth bragging about!

Motherboards aren’t important are they?!

Even though motherboards do not add to performance this doesnt mean that a good motherboard is’nt important. But trying telling Lenovo that! Lenovo uses its own brand of super cheap motherboards inside its desktops and laptops to cut down costs and maximize profits. These motherboards are poorly constructed using cheap and flimsy parts. This makes the motherboard more prone to malfunctions such as blue screens of death occurring, USB ports not working and could even burst into flames.

No refunds!

Lenovo support will do anything to avoid refunds. If your computer has a major fault with it and you need a refund don’t count on Lenovo living up to its warranty. There are literally hundreds of complaints online about how Lenovo have left people high and dry after their computers malfunction for no reason.

Bloat and adware preinstalled onto your computer

Lenovo is renowned for adding bloatware and adware to its computers to make extra money. Superfish is just one example which was pre-installed onto millions of Lenovo computers between 2014-2015, this adware inserted ads onto sites that you visited and would even redirect you to malware ridden websites.
Even though superfish is now gone, Lenovo still adds pointless adware and bloatware to its computer such as the very pointless Lenovo support software. This bloatware will randomly without warning scan your computer slowing it down and in some cases can be enough too cause your entire computer to crash.

Examples of rip off computers

Lenovo V110-15ISK Laptop

Is currently listed on amazon for £449. In the product description it lists that it is good for photo editing in photoshop and even video editing in Adobe premier.. LIES, LIES I TELL YA!

However if you look at the specs it uses a mobile intel Core i5-6200U CPU (launched in q3 2015) has 4gb of DDR3 ram (DDR4 is the newest type). With these specs the best you can really hope for is a bit of light browsing on the internet and minimal Photoshopping abilities on small files.

Lenovo ThinkCentre m700

This Lenovo thinkcentre computer is listed on amazon for £761.41 it features an intel core i3 4gb ram and 500gb hard drive. This is a total rip off. If you are thinking of buying this thinkcentre desktop then think again!You will struggle to do more than browse th internet with this expensive computer. Ye it does feature ddr4 RAM however it uses a low budget i3 processor. Furthermore it only has 500 gb of memory on a outdated hard drive (Solid state drives are are all the rage now and a lot faster). This computer should be half the price if that!

ThinkCentre M910 Tiny

This ThinkCentre M910 Tiny listed on Lenovo’s own shop is priced at £659 and features an i5 processor 4gb memory and 500gb space. Although better value than the ones listed on amazon, this desktop still does not have much in the way of features.. especially not to justify the £659 price tag. You will not be able to do anything special on it, no graphics card means you have to rely on the integrated hd graphics card built into the cpu which will struggle to play any of the latest games. With only 4gb ram you will also struggle to do Photoshopping or video editing.


Been conned? Share and comment below to spread the word and have your say!

If you have bought a Lenovo computer/laptop/tablet recently and feel that it is not up to the job and want to vent comment below we would love to hear from you! You may also want to share this post to warn others not to buy a Lenovo product.




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  1. Recently I bought a new Lenovo computer for working on at home. I bought this new computer from ebuyer thinking that I picked up a total bargain paying just £220 for a Lenovo thinkcentre desktop. I was so wrong!

    I have had nothing but stress from the get gop with this new computer. The first time I started it up it lagged like crazy for no reason.. even the mouse would stutter and lag. After a few day the computer on start up the computer would show the blue screen of death..forcing me to system restore the computer and loose all of my hard work. I ran up ebuyer who told me that the only way that I was going to get a refund was if I rang up Lenovo for them to confirm that my computer was defective. After finally getting through to Lenovo support centre Iw as told over the phone that my computer had nothing wrong with it and that I would have to live with it. I now have been using this computer for several months and it has been the worst experience ever.

    -Starting up my computer takes forever, I can literally go watch tv for 10 minutes whilst I wait for my computer to start up.
    -The computer is extremely slow so much so that you cannot properly browse the internet without firefox becoming overloading and becoming unresponsive.
    -I have to just forget about doing any work on photoshop or anything graphical because the computer
    -loading up mydocuments is extremely slow.. this is when there is hardly much at all in the folder.

  2. First going to address the last point: Lenovo no longer preloads any third party bloatware whatsoever. They’ve made an emphasis on this after Superfish, and I have Lenovo products that were released in 2016 and 2017 — it’s an extremely clean load of Windows, which is way ahead of other PC makers. And especially on the ThinkPad line, you’ll find an even cleaner build. Past performance is not indicative of future results…

    Other points: of course if you buy a low end PC you won’t get a graphics card or high quality memory or some fancy motherboard. That’s what budget PCs are — lower end products both in price and in quality and performance. But once you get to their gaming PCs or their Think workstations, you’ll see perhaps the best performance in any PC company period.

    You can’t spill water on a MacBook Pro or drop it from a ladder and have it survive!! You can with a ThinkPad.

  3. Obvious person commenting above works for Lenovo as who would have lots of different Lenovo products as their avatar picture :/ So, looks as though Lenovo hires people to write good stuff about them online. How very dishonest. I guess that is yet another reason not to buy their rubbish.

  4. James, lets assume Lenovo did hire someone to counter such articles, I am curious as to what you find dishonest about Eric’s comments which are quite sensible and factual.

    • My problem with the comments above is that he is basically saying that if you pay for a budget computer you get what you pay for but if you buy higher end pcs Lenovo is the best..when actually if you look at the specs of both low-end and high end computers Lenovo on average offers the least. Also if you drop a thinkpad from a ladder I don’t think it would survive.

  5. I have a Lenovo compuer and hate it. It is so sloooooow. I have never had a computer this slow before.
    But because slowness is not an excuse for returning something apprently according to Lenovo support even tho it IS NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE, I cannot get a refund.

  6. I totally agree ALL Lenovo computer are useless. I start working at a new place and they all have them and every single one is the slowest computers I have ever used EVER. They are complete rubbish.. that’s is all I can say. Save your money and stress don’t buy one.

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