Review: Ebuyer sucks!

Ebuyer is an extremely shady company that has some very unethical business practises.

Are you thinking about buying a new computer from ebuyer? Then you might want to read this first!
A lot of the computers that you can buy from ebuyer are extremely outdated and even though ebuyer advertises them as “cheap desktops” they really are not worth buying at all.

Do not be fooled by Ebuyers snakeoil
Ebuyer bamboozles its customers with technical jargon and sly sales pages to make out that there computers are super fast and the deal of the century but the truth is they suck and ebuyer is ripping its customers off.

Picking a good computer can be extremely tricky because there are a lot of things that you need to consider first before buying one. For example you have to buy one that has good CPU and plenty of ram but for the average geezer it can be quite difficult to work out which computer is made out of the right stuff and which aren’t and will be a pile of crud. Ebuyer uses this to it advantage and preys on people who lack this technical understanding.

The best piece of advice I can give you before buying a computer from anywhere is to do your homework just to make sure what you are buying really is a bargain and not a 4 year old pile of rubbish!
When you have done your homework you will realize that Ebuyer isnt selling “bargain” computers but actually just sells computers are far from the bargains that ebuyer are making out them to be. Most of the computers found on its site have been made using the worst possible parts.

Under the consumers rights act if what you have bought is not fit for the purpose you bought it for then you are entitled to a refund, however ebuyer simply does not believe that this law applies to them.
If anything goes wrong with your so called new computer Ebuyer will use every trick in the book to make sure that you do not get a refund or even to fix it. It was revealed back in 2013 that ebuyer would rate its staff by the number of refunds that they REJECT which goes to show that ebuyer is not on the side of its customers at all.

One of the trick ebuyer staff will use to reject refunds is to shift blame to the manufacturer and will tell you to ring the manufacturer up to get them to confirm that there is a fault with your computer and only then will they think about even entertaining the idea of giving you your money back. Getting the manufacturer to confirm that there is indeed a fault with your computer is utterly ridiculous because there is no way anyone can diagnose a problem with your computer properly over the phone.

Don’t take my word for it simply search for “ebuyer return” on your favourite search engine and you will find loads of different complaints from people who have been refused a refund by ebuyer.

Removes negative reviews
Want to know why you cannot find any negative reviews on ebuyers website? It is because they remove them. The Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) exposed another shady business tactic that ebuyer was doing, after it was proved that ebuyer was removing negative reviews from its website… proving further why you shouldn’t trust them.


If you need a new computer then I would definitely not buy one from ebuyer as they just sell outdated, slow computers at rip off prices. Plus, if anything goes wrong with your new computer you will not be able to return it, heck you wont even be able to write a negative review and complain about it on there website. You should stick to more reputable places such as John lewis which may sell computers for more money but you get what you pay for and have a better returns policy.

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  1. 100%. It doesn’t end with sub-spec PCs; I had a motherboard sabotaged by ebuyer in order to invalidate the warranty. The board developed a fault when one of the semiconductors visibly failed, it was very clear what had happened. I was advised by The manufacturer to return it to my retailer under the warranty, so I sent it back to ebuyer. A week or two later I received an email saying that the board had been damaged and so wasn’t under warranty any longer; they had snapped off one of the ram retaining clips…. I feel I have got my monies worth though, I spent weeks putting negative comments on their Facebook feed and webpage. It must easily have cost them more in man hours getting rid of my comment, not to mention the loss of customers from those who did see. Maybe if everyone did that..?

  2. I bought a new computer from ebuyer and it completely sucks! It cannot even open up FIREFOX without major lag. I contacted ebuyer and they simply refused to give me a refund. Bad bad company!

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