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    Facet Syndrome

    Are you suffering from back pain especially when bending your back or dull aches in your back whilst sitting? If this is the case you may be suffering from a facet syndrome injury. A sudden movement of the spine can cause severe pain to those suffering from facet syndrome. Facet syndrome is fairly common and […]

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    What about acl knee injuries?

    Anterior cruciate knee injuries are fairly typical in sports such as football where there is a lot of speed, power as well of a lot of twisting and turning of the knee that can cause the knee to be twisted into a position that can cause damage to the anterior cruciate ligament. The main job […]

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    Iliotibial Band Syndrome

    The medical term for runners knee is Ilio Tibial band Frictions Syndrome and is caused when the Ilio Tibial band becomes inflamed due to friction from moving your knee. As you move your knee joint theiliotibial band which connects the shin bone moves forward to help to the hip bone can rub against other ligaments […]