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    Robbie Williams says his music career is going to kill him

    Robbie Williams has said that eventually his music career will kill him. In an interview with the Sunday times magazine Robbie Williams has opened up about his battle with anxiety, depression and agoraphobia and even said that his music career will kill him. Telling the magazine “This job is really bad for my health. It’s going to kill me. Unless I view it in a different way.”. Robbie thinks he wouldn’t be so mentally unstable if he wasn’t famous telling the magazine..
    “[Depression] sprints through my family. I don’t know if I’d be this mentally ill without fame,” he said.
    “I don’t think it would be as gross or as powerful if it hadn’t have been for fame. You get a magnifying glass in the shape of the world’s attention and your defects will obviously magnify too.”
    In the interview Robbie explained how he is a “chronic people-pleaser” and it is his desire to appease fans that is having negative impact on his health due to “a sort of exasperation”, as he finds many social situations traumatic. Robbie also admitted taking anti depression to help treat his depression and anxiety. However despite his troubles the singer said that his wife Ayda Field who he has been married to for 7 years and 2 children with has been his saving grace saying “She has the smarts to know how to not sink the ship, and I just want to sink the ship to see what it looks like.”

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    Taylor Swift releases new song “Look What You Made Me Do”

    Right Said Fred have been credited as writing Taylor Swifts new song in a bizarre collab.
    The chorus of Taylor swifts new single “Look What You Made Me Do” has the same rhythm as right said fred’s 1992 one hit wonder song “Im too sexy”.

    A spokesman for right said fred has also confirmed that before releasing the song Taylor Swift asked right said fred for permission. The new single credits list three members of Right Said Fred – Richard Fairbrass, Fred Bairbrass and Rob Manzoli – as songwriters alongside Swift and Jack Antonoff.

    Pictures from new music video

    In the song’s chorus Taylor Swift sings “Ooh, look what you made me do” which goes by the same tune as “I’m too sexy for my shirt”.
    So far Taylor Swifts new song has had a lukewarm response from fans with many not knowing what to make of the new song. Perez Hilton described the song as “seriously lacking” adding “Overall, we are NOT impressed with TayTay’s new tune. We’re not feeling the chorus, the lyrics (which are not relatable in the slightest), or the overall production/structure,”.

    Taylor Swift’s new song Look What You Made Me Do is part of her new album “reputation” which is meant to be her most edgy album to date.

    Love or hate the new song? Comment below and have your say!


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    Petition set up to replace confederate status with status of Britney Spears

    A petition has been set up calling for historical confederate statues in New Orleans to be replaced with statues of Louisiana hero Britney Spears and so far the petition has over 7 000 signatures. It is not known whether the person who set up this petition set it up as a joke or is being serious. On the petitions page it states “Not only has Britney proven her talent, but she’s proven her strength of character by not only overcoming highly publicized mental breakdown, but by continuously working towards improving herself. She’s an inspiration to millions.” and then goes on to list a number of charitable things that Britney has done. Through out the United Sates confederate status are being torn down or discreetly removed after numerous protests by the far left that see them as racist.

    Critics of the removal of confederate status argue that by removing of these status it equate to erasing US history and culture. With other point out that many of these confederate status are not rascist as they depict republican hero’s and that it was the Republican party that was formed to oppose slavery in the first place and eventually managed to abolish it, whilst it was the Democrats that at the time wanted to expand it. Last week Donald Trump spoke out about the removal of historical monuments saying
    “This week it’s Robert E. Lee — I noticed that Stonewall Jackson is coming down — I wonder is it George Washington this next week and is it Thomas Jefferson the week after?”

    What do you think should confederate status be replaced by status of pop stars instead?

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    Rock concert cancelled in Rotterdam after fears of Terror attack

    A Rock concert in Rotterdam in the Netherlands that was due to be held on Wednesday night was cancelled after fear of a terrorist attack. After a van full of gas canisters was found outside the Maassilo venue. This news comes just days after a terror attack in Barcelona where a terrorist killed 13 innocent people after a van drove into pedestrians a the popular Las Ramblas street in the heart of Barcelona.

    The driver of the Spanish licensed van in Rotterdam has been detained and is being questioned. It is believed that Spanish police alerted Rotterdam police of a potential terrorist attack.
    In a statement released by Rotterdam police they said…
    “Police took this information seriously enough that, after a discussion with the organizers, it was decided to cancel the event,”.

    At the rock concert a Californian band called the “Allah-Lahs” was due to play. Last year the Band told the guardian newspaper that they wanted a “holy sounding” name to their band and didn’t think using the word Allah (Islamic name for god) in their name would offend Muslims. Armed police escorted the band that was due to play away from the stadium due to fear of them being targetted.

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    Beyonce and Jay-z get massive mortgage to buy new $111 million mansion in Bel-air

    It has been revealed the Beyonce and Jay-z have a massive mortgage after buying their Bel-Air mansion for $111 million. To buy the mansion the couple took out a massive mortgage of $66.9 million! Paying off the mortgage will cost $319,527 every single month for the next 30 years. However seeing as the couple has a combined wealth of $1.4 billion paying off their mortgage shouldn’t be a problem for them. The fact that the couple has chosen to get a mortgage to buy their new house rather than buying the house out right has left many puzzled. However, it may have something to do with US laws that let mortgage repayments be tax deductible, allowing Beyonce and Jay-z to avoid paying some tax.

    The mega mansion in Bel air is built on 2 acres of land and boasts no more than four outdoor swimming pools, a media room (AKA home cinema), a spa and wellness centre, staff quarters, a basketball court and 30,000 square feet of living space. Some eagle eyed fans have noticed that the couples new home is also in the shape of the number 4. This is weird seeing as Beyonce already has the number 4 in Roman numerals inked on her hand and is even in her daughter’s name. (Some weird ocult symbolism worship maybe? or just an odd obsession with the number 4?).
    Beyonce and Jay-z will move into the mansion soon with their three kids three kids: Blue Ivy, Rumi and Sir Carter.

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    Donald Trump EPICALLY tweets after Barcelona terror attack about General Pershing

    Donald Trump just tweeted the most epic tweet yet of his presidency…

    Donald Trumps tweet comes hours after yet another terror attack by the religion of peace in Barcelona, where a van drove into tourists killing 13 people and leaving many more injured. Islamic state has claimed responsibility. Unfortunately terrorist attacks are becoming more and more inevitable here in Europe as Europe becomes filled with Muslims indoctrinated in an evil “idealogy” that was created 1500 years ago by the devil.

    Who was General Pershing?

    General Pershing was a US military leader who helped prevent radical Islam from taking over the Philippines. General Pershing recognised that the only way to stop the monsters was by matching the Muslims brutal tactics by shooting Muslim prisoners with bullets soacked in pigs blood to scare them witless. During Donald Trumps presidential campaign at a rally Donald Trump told the story of General Pershing explaining to his supporters…

    “He took 50 bullets and he dipped them in pig’s blood,” Trump said. “And he had his men load his rifles and he lined up the 50 people, and they shot 49 of those people. And the 50th person, he said, ‘You go back to your people and you tell them what happened.’ And for 25 years there wasn’t a problem.”
    It is rather funny how Donald Trump can play the mainstream media and cause them to have a a complete meltdown But Donald Trump does have a valid point.
    Would it be so bad if all armed police dipped their bullets in pigs blood to deter Muslims from carrying out terrorist attack by making them fearful of being shot with one of those bullets?
    Another more long term way to stop these attacks is to convert the Muslims to Christianity and show them who Jesus is once they see how great Christianity is their simply won’t be anymore violence.

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    Tom Cruise injured in stunt gone wrong whilst filming Mission: Impossible 6

    Whilst filming for mission impossible 6 Tom cruise has injured himself after jumping onto a side of a building in a stunt gone wrong. In a video shared by TMZ the daredevil actor who is 55 years old and like to perform his own stunt was seen limping after he failed to make a jump and ended up hitting the side of a building instead. It is reported that Tom cruise has broken 2 bones in his ankle and filming for the movie has been cancelled for 4 months as a result. A source from the production team has said ‘The injury is worse than was at first feared. Tom did serious damage and will need months to recover.’.

    In the movie Cruise will reprise his role as US operative Ethan Hunt and Tom ha said that this movie will be “the most exciting movie in the franchise’s history”, Mission impossible 6 was going to be released in summer 2018 however it is now thought that the new movie will be released sometime around Christmas 2018 instead.

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    Usain Bolt injured in his final race in the men’s relay

    Sadly Usain Bolts final race in the men’s relay at the world athletics championships has ended disastrously after he fails to cross the finishing line. Jamaica was looking good in the race with good pass overs of the baton however in the final leg as Usain Bolt was about to chase down team GB and team USA before was struck down by an apparent leg injury most likely a hamstring injury after a few strides.

    This race only adds to Usain Bolts disappointing performance in the world championships, after already losing his world champion title in the 100m to Justin Gatlin, who has been banned twice from competing because of taking drugs.

    As Bolt lay injured on the track a wheelchair was pushed out to him however Usain refused to end his final race being pushed on a wheelchair and decided to hobble to the finish line instead.

    This is very sad news indeed for Bolt as it ends his career on a low something Usain Bolt does not deserve. Despite his short comings in his final races Usain Bolts legacy will still live on. There will undoubtedly be a void left in track racing now that Bolt will not be racing. Usain Bolt is a true inspirational athlete that helped redefine athletics and running at a time and he will have had a profound impact upon many people who will look at him as a true role model.
    With Usain Bolt unable to finish the race Great Britain was able to take victory with a time of 37.47 seconds whilst the United States came second with a time of 37.52 seconds.

    Four-time Olympic gold medallist athlete Michael Johnson praised the British team of Mitchell-Blake, Gemili, CJ Ujah and Danny Talbot.

    Saying after the race “An amazing and outstanding performance from that British team.

    “They beat everyone fair and square. They delivered on a night when everyone was here – not necessarily to see this.

    “Adam Gemili was just ridiculous down the back stretch. He opened up a gap that was always going to be hard for anyone to chase down.”

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    Amazon evades tax paying 50% less cooperation tax!

    Amazon has revealed that it has managed to cut its cooperation tax by 50% by paying only £7 million opposed to £15 million the year before. Amazons excuse is that its profits have slided saying the company has apparently only made £48 million in profit this year. However annual sales for Amazon in the U.K. have grew to over £7.3billion. To add further rub things in Amazon collected £1.3million back from the taxman. The company has a world wide market capitalization of over $430 billion and Jeff Bezos who owns Amazon and is the second richest person in the world worth $83.6 billion.. but how can he be so rich if amazon struggles to make a profit? Many small business owners will find this latest news hard to swallow as many small businesses online and on the high street amazon thrives at the expense of these uk businesses.
    Labour MP Margaret Hodge has urged consumers to booycott the company saying

    She said: “It remains outrageous that Amazon are so blasé that they can ignore all the anger that their failure to pay fair tax in this country.

    “It is a scandal they are deliberately manipulating the way they do their business for no other purpose than to avoid tax.”

    “I hope people take a leaf out of my book and stop using Amazon.

    “If we stop using Amazon then they may understand how angry their customers are.”

    This is not tax avoidance but blatant tax EVASION by Amazon using clever accountants to cook its books in order to pay less cooperation tax than it should be paying. A criminal investigation MUST be done. Jeff Bezos needs to be locked. If this was any other smaller UK businesses HMRC would not be so which begs the question who’s side are the tories actually on?
    Is it time that amazon was broken up?
    Amazon’s monopoly on online commerce is corrosive and is harmful to both small businesses and consumers. Amazon is quickly turning into the go to location for ordering things online. This forces many smaller businesses to rely on third party selling on amazon to do business on the internet. In effect creating a tax (how ironic) that small businesses have to pay amazon to sell. Not only do small owners have to pay this amazon selling tax they also at the mercy of amazon. Amazon will regularly trample on third party sellers on its marketplace by practicing anti competitive behaviour to promote their own products to the expense of third party sellers and consumers.
    Amazon even wants to get rid of its own workforce by developing AI systems such as automated drone delivery and ai warehouse pickers. Amazon is not innovative the web giant simply uses tactics such as buying up companys to expand as well as using its vast wealth to undercut competition and taking the loss on the chin to wipe out competition (only to increase prices when competition has been wiped out).

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