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    North Korea set to test more nuclear missiles

    A journalist from a voice of America has tweeted that US government officials believe that North Korea is going to be denoting another nuclear device underground in the coming days to coincide with the day of the sun on April 15 which is the anniversary of the Kim regime coming to power.
    Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has also warned that North Korea may also be able to load missiles with sarin gas and use them to attack near by countries such as Japan. Shinzo Abe said that “There is a possibility that North Korea is already capable of delivering (via missile) a warhead containing sarin,”.

    In response to the escalating threat posed by North Korea, Washington deployed a navy strike group to the area which Donald Trump has described an “armada” which is “far more powerful than the aircraft carrier”.
    To try to stop the North Korean situation from escalating Donald Trump has even offered China a better trade deal if China helps to stop the nuclear threat from North Korea
    Donald Trump has also promised to not declare China as a currency manipulator, something he promised he would do all through his election campaign and told the wall street journal that “President Xi wants to do the right thing. We had a very good bonding, I think we had a very good chemistry together, I think he wants to help us with North Korea,”

    Donald Trumps wooing of China seems to have worked as China has chosen to accept Donald Trumps offer and despite china and North Korea being long term communist buddies has chosen to condemn North Korea’s testing of Nuclear weapons. China’s state run Global times newspaper has even published that Beijing will not “remain indifferent” and it is reported that China has already deployed 175,000 soldiers on the border of North Korea.
    Further evidence that Donald Trump has made friends with China is the fact that China chose to abstain from a vote instead taking Russia’s side by vetoing in a UN security council resolution vote condemning President Assad’s ALLEGED use of chemical weapons on civilians.

    A website that montiors North Koreas nuclear acvitiy 38north.org has posted satellite images of trucks and equpoiment being set up at the Punggye-ri test site in North Korea suggesting north Koreas is preparing another nuclear test.

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    The Undertaker to retire from proffesional wrestling

    Rumours are circulating that the Undertaker maybe retiring from professional wrestling after 27 years in the buisness. His career started wayback in 1984 at the World Class Championship Wrestling and has become a major iconic figure in the WWE since 1990 thanks to the infamous character that he created, however his match with Roman Reigns in WrestleMania 33 maybe his last. After his defeat by Roman Reigns he threw in the towel so to speak after the match by solemnly unwrapping his gloves and removing his iconic hat and leaving them in the centre of the ring, sparking rumours that he is quitting professional wrestling for good.

    The WWE have not confirmed or denied that the undertaker is is retiring but many have posted on twitter saying their good byes.

    The 52 year old wrestler who measures 6 ft 10 and wieght 309lbs hasnt been at his best for a long time and is said to need s a full hip replacment surgery after sustaining multiple injuires over the years.

    If this indeed the last we will see of the undertake in professional wrestling then he will surely go down in history as one of the most brilliant wrestlers and showmen of all time.

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    Beyoncé is crowned the most influential celebrity on Instagram

    Turns out queen bey is also queen of social media.

    A social media research firm D’Marie Analytics has estimated Queen Bey is the most influential celebrity on instagram and every time she posts it is worth $1million to advertisers. The social media firm used a number of metric such as the numbers of followers, post reach, click rate and user engagement to crown her the most influential celebrity.
    However you do not need a bunch of computer boffins to tell you that Beyonce is the most influential celebrity on instagram as it was quite clear in February when she posted a picture with her husband Jay z announcing her pregnancy on instagram which resulted in a social media frenzy with the picture being liked by over 10 million times, making it the most liked post in instagram’s entire history and smashing Selena Gomez previous record of 6.6 million likes with a picture of her drinking from a Coca-Cola bottle with her lyrics on it.
    It is also no surprising that D’Marie Analytics have named Selena Gomez as the second most influential star on social media with a single post from her estimated to be worth $775 000 each!

    It isn’t thought that either Beyonce or Selena Gomez get paid every time they make a post but if they did they certainly would be a even more richer (until people finally got sick of them constantly advertising their junk).

    There is a much deeper question that must be asked? Do these celebs have too much influence especially on the younger generation? With all of this great influence comes great responsibility and many people question just how responsible many of these high profile stars are being with their influence who often sell out to the highest bidder rather than protecting their fans who follow and support them.
    Last year wikileaks revealed how the hilary Clinton campaign wanted to use high profile celebs to influence young people to vote for her.
    Beyonce was one of those celebs and used her influence as last year she tried to sway voters in america to vote for Hilary Clinton by appearing at a concert held for her by wowing and dazzling younger voters and making them vote based upon superficial reason rather than political ones.

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    Christians told to convert or face death penalty in Pakistan

    42 Christians in Pakistan who were arrested and have spent the last 2 years in prison for so called “terrorism charges” for supposedly lynching two men after the 2015 church suicide bombing attack in Lahore carried out by the Taliban which killed 17 and have been told that if they renounce Christianity and convert to Islam they will be set free and spared the death penalty. The International Christian Concern, a leading Christian persecution watchdog and advocacy organization says that when the Christians where arrested in 2015 the Pakistani police tortured them to force them to confess to the lyching. Whilst in contrast there was little investigation if any by the police to find the culprits of the bombings which killed so many innocent people.

    A source has said that outside the courtroom Deputy District Public Prosecutor Syed Anees Shah told the imprisoned Christians that if they they embrace Islam, he can guarantee them their acquittal in this case.”, however a courageous Christian called Ifran Masih stood up to Syed Anees Shah by saying that he would rather be hung than convert to Islam. Initially Syed Anees Shah denied that he told the men that they would be freed if they converted to Islam however a video recording of the incident proved he was lying and he was forced to admit it.

    Chowdhry, president of the British Pakistani Christian Association, has said that “The fact that Christian men could be spared a death penalty by simply renouncing their Christian faith and accepting Islam is a clear indication that either extremists have infiltrated the Justice system of Pakistan, or that the nation is full of zealots that will stop at nothing to convert [infidels],”.

    2.5 million Christians live in pakistan and this dire situation in Pakistan show how they are being discriminated against by Pakistani officials who are using their position to push their extremist Muslim agenda further and to force non Muslims to convert or die where possible.

    Update: After public uproar from the christian population the Public Prosecutor Syed Anees Shah whom made these comments has since been suspended from his position. A source has said that “He has been asked to report to the office of Punjab Prosecutor General till further orders. A new DDPP named Muhammad Azir has replaced Anees at the ATC-1.”

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    Theresa May defends George Osborne’s many new jobs

    Despite sacking George Osborne as chancellor and demoting him to the backbenches Theresa May
    has spoken out in support of George Osborne latest new job as a newspaper editor for the London’s Evening Standard that he will start on 2nd may, which many believe compromise his position as an MP and show off his greed as a person.

    “MPs throughout time and continuing now have often had other roles and responsibilities and jobs as well as being an MP.”

    She also added that “I think generally a breadth of experience in the House of Commons is a good thing.”

    George Osborne latest job at the London evening standard will be his SIXTH outside job as an MP, which many believe will mean that he will simply have no time for his continuance and cannot properly serve as an MP. Even more worrying is that among George Osborne’s many other jobs is that he is as an adviser to US investment firm BlackRock and earns more than $650, 000 a year advising them 4 days a month this new job is made even more dodgy by the fact that whilst chancellor George Osborne actually had meetings with top dogs from Blackrock at least 5 times at the treasury office… and nobody really know what they discussed! George Osborne also collects huge amounts of money doing speeches for other finical institutions and banks which many say is immoral as it gives these firms and insiders view and influence on the workings of the government. Many also see George Osborne money grab as rather sickening especially after years of his idealogical austerity and benefits cut policy’s that severely impacted the most vulnerable and poorest in our society.

    Not everyone is ready to just shrug off George Osborne many new jobs as a good thing like Theresa May is ready to do, The Committee on Standards in Public Life is reviewing 2009 guidelines that state MP’s additional employment is allowed but should be within “reasonable limits”.

    Do you think George Osborne can still properly serve is constituency with 6 jobs? Comment below if you think geroge Osborne should be able to get away with having 6 jobs or if you think he should go.

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    Tom Hiddleston too smug to play James Bond

    After months of speculation about Tom Hiddleston becoming the next James Bond it turns out that the producers have ruled him out because they think he is “too smug and not tough enough” to be the next Bond.

    According to sources it is thought that producers wrote off Tom Hiddleston after his “cringe worthy romance with Taylor Swift helped to seal his fate” aswell as his “self-righteous Golden Globes speech, pontificating about his trip to South Sudan, and how Doctors Without Borders ‘binge-watched’ his series.”.

    Rumour now has it that Daniel Craig who after finishing 2015’s spectre movie ruled himself out from ever doing another bond film by saying that he would “rather slash my wrists” than do another Bond film. ” might actually do another bond film! It is thought that Daniel Craig did not want to by typecast as James Bond and wanted some serious acting acclaim outside of the James Bond franchise and now that he has got that he might be ready to rejoin the james Bond franchise.

    It is thought that Barbara Broccoli who is the producer of the bond films and has since worked with Daniel Craig in a hit Broadway show adaption of Othello has now given Craig the serious acting acclaim that he wanted and has convinced him to stick with the bond franchise!

    A Hollywood source has told reporters that “Daniel was very pleased with how Othello went and the great reviews.

    “Now Daniel’s talks with Barbara are going in the right direction. They have a script – screen writing duo Neal Purvis and Robert Wade [who’ve penned several Bond movies are writing and they’ll go into production as soon as Daniel is ready to commit.”

    Robert Wade (the guy you can blame for the appalling bond movies) who has helped write the every bond film since 1999 has said told the telegraph in an interview that the next bond film different from its predecessors. and added that “Each time, you’ve got to say something about Bond’s place in the world, which is Britain’s place in the world., but things are moving so quickly now, that becomes tricky.  With people like Trump, the Bond villain has become a reality. “So when they do another one, it will be interesting to see how they deal with the fact that the world has become a fantasy.” – In other words expect some liberal tosh in the next Bond movie for sure!

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    Review: Ebuyer sucks!

    Are you thinking about buying a new computer from ebuyer? Then you might want to read this first!
    A lot of the computers that you can buy from ebuyer are extremely outdated and even though ebuyer advertises them as “cheap desktops” they really are not worth buying at all.

    Do not be fooled by Ebuyers snakeoil
    Ebuyer bamboozles its customers with technical jargon and sly sales pages to make out that there computers are super fast and the deal of the century but the truth is they suck and ebuyer is ripping its customers off.

    Picking a good computer can be extremely tricky because there are a lot of things that you need to consider first before buying one. For example you have to buy one that has good CPU and plenty of ram but for the average geezer it can be quite difficult to work out which computer is made out of the right stuff and which aren’t and will be a pile of crud. Ebuyer uses this to it advantage and preys on people who lack this technical understanding.

    The best piece of advice I can give you before buying a computer from anywhere is to do your homework just to make sure what you are buying really is a bargain and not a 4 year old pile of rubbish!
    When you have done your homework you will realize that Ebuyer isnt selling “bargain” computers but actually just sells computers are far from the bargains that ebuyer are making out them to be. Most of the computers found on its site have been made using the worst possible parts.

    Under the consumers rights act if what you have bought is not fit for the purpose you bought it for then you are entitled to a refund, however ebuyer simply does not believe that this law applies to them.
    If anything goes wrong with your so called new computer Ebuyer will use every trick in the book to make sure that you do not get a refund or even to fix it. It was revealed back in 2013 that ebuyer would rate its staff by the number of refunds that they REJECT which goes to show that ebuyer is not on the side of its customers at all.

    One of the trick ebuyer staff will use to reject refunds is to shift blame to the manufacturer and will tell you to ring the manufacturer up to get them to confirm that there is a fault with your computer and only then will they think about even entertaining the idea of giving you your money back. Getting the manufacturer to confirm that there is indeed a fault with your computer is utterly ridiculous because there is no way anyone can diagnose a problem with your computer properly over the phone.

    Don’t take my word for it simply search for “ebuyer return” on your favourite search engine and you will find loads of different complaints from people who have been refused a refund by ebuyer.

    Removes negative reviews
    Want to know why you cannot find any negative reviews on ebuyers website? It is because they remove them. The Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) exposed another shady business tactic that ebuyer was doing, after it was proved that ebuyer was removing negative reviews from its website… proving further why you shouldn’t trust them.


    If you need a new computer then I would definitely not buy one from ebuyer as they just sell outdated, slow computers at rip off prices. Plus, if anything goes wrong with your new computer you will not be able to return it, heck you wont even be able to write a negative review and complain about it on there website. You should stick to more reputable places such as John lewis which may sell computers for more money but you get what you pay for and have a better returns policy.

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    Oscar 2017 best picture mix up Lala land announced winner instead of Moonlight

    In a hilariously awkward blunder La la land is announced as the best motion picture at the oscars only for them to hand the award over to Moonlight after Wareen Beaty is given the wrong envelope and announces the wrong winners.

    La la Land was half way through their acceptance speech when Lala lands The blunder came after Wareen Beaty was handed a copy of the best actress award envelope which was awarded to Emma Stone earlier….

    What happened

    Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty walk on stage

    1. Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty both come on stage to announce the winner of the best motion picture. A close up photograph of the card that Warren Beatty is holding clearly says “BEST ACTRESS” on it.

    Too late!

    2.Beatty Opens the envelope and reads what the cards says but is seems confused so decides to hand the card to Dunaway who just blurts out that the winner is La La land.

    Mix up

    3.La la Land take to the stage where they start to give their acceptance speech… but a man in a headset walks on stage and begins talking to Jordan Horowitz (holding Oscar) and Fred Berger and gives them a new envelope the one with the actual winners in it!

    Not us!

    4. This is when things get awkward. As Producer Fred Berger says: “We lost.” and producer Jordan Horowitz, then announces “There’s a mistake. Moonlight, you won best picture,” and holds up the correct card and calls the Moonlight team to come to the stage to accept the award.

    Here you go.

    5. The Moonlight team then apprehensively come on stage and take the award off Lala land.
    Barry Jenkins director of Moonlight Jenkins accepts the award by saying “Even in my dreams this could not be true. But to hell with it, I’m done with dreams – because this is true.”

    Erm thanks…

    There is still quite a lot of confusion as to what exactly happened and why Wareen beaty was given the wrong envelope to announce the most important award of the night. Wareen Beaty has since said that “I opened the envelope and it said Emma Stone, La La Land,” adding it was a mistake and he did not do “to try to be funny”. Emma Stone who accepted the best actress award just before the blunder has said that the mess up wasn’t anything to do with her saying backstage “I was holding my best actress card the whole time so whatever story you heard, I don’t know what happened, but I wanted to tell you that.” La lands Producer Jordan Horowitz has said after said that he feel a ‘little broken’ affter the mess up. Ryan Gosling when on stage as the blunder played out could not keep himself from giggling.. however the Joke quikcly wore off for him as he was seen at the after party with a face like thunder.

    Ryan Gosling see the funny side.
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