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    AMD betrays gamers with AMD vega card

    As AMD finally after much delay releases their new vega graphics card many pc gamers are left annoyed and angry as AMD seemingly prioritizes cryptocurrency miners.

    Many pc gamers have been looking forward to the vega graphics card.. drawn in by the fancy marketing and gaming orientated technology such as their High Bandwidth Cache system that was meant to better allocate memory in demanding AA games for better performance.

    However it turns out this card wasn’t ever going to be enjoyed by games. Even AMD‘s Raja Koduri has since admitted after the dismal release of the vega cards that the new card is not optimized for gaming saying on twitter: “Infinity fabric on Vega is optimized for server. It’s a very scalable fabric and you will see consumer optimized versions of it in future.”

    Just days after the release of amd vega card AMD released a “killer” mining driver update that pushes the card to new levels of crypto mining… causing the new cards to sell out EVERYWHERE as the miners buy them all up!

    Maybe, one reason for this push towards crypto mining is that AMD realized that they could not compete with Nvidia’s graphics card in gaming performance(barely beating year old nvidia graphics cards) and price so decided to target the miners instead.

    AMD has took a gamble by alienating pc gamers. By siding with a volatile and potentially short term customer base in the form of cryptocurrency miners as a opposed to the stable and loyal pc gamers AMD has said goodbye to many loyal pc gamer customers. If/when cryptocurrency goes out of fashion AMD will have to win back trust from the gamers.

    To further add salt to the wounds of pc gamers who waited to buy a vega graphics card it looks as though prices for Nvidia’s graphics cards are set to rise 10% due to worldwide shortages of HHBM2 memory. However if you like conspiracy theories then you could say that this apparent shortage is just “made up” by the technology firms to push prices up for graphics cards to squeeze more money out of people.

    Many gamers are now playing the waiting game and holding out for the new Volta graphics card set to be released by Nvidia in early 2018. The hope is that Nvidia does not play the same stunt that AMD has played… or else it could mean that the only place to buy a new graphics card for gaming will be from ebay (a year after release of the card and will be pretty much burnt out after being used to mine coins all day everyday).

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    North Korea tests more nuclear bombs!

    South Korea has carried a series of missile drills after North Korea causes massive earthquake after testing underground hydrogen bomb. South Korea has also warned that North Korea South is preparing more missile launches after ‘H-bomb’ tests

    Despite UN sanctions and condemnation from the US and even North Korea ally China North Korea conducted a massive nuclear bomb test underground. Japan and south Korean officials have said that the nuclear test caused an 6.3 magnitude earthquake, 10x more powerful than one picked up after North Korea’s previous nuclear test over a year ago. Leading to concerns that North Korea nuclear capabilities are quickly improving.

    The US have said that North Korea could face a “massive military response” from them. Donald Trump has also threatened to stop all trade with countries that are also trading with North Korea tweeting: “stopping all trade with any country doing business with North Korea”. When Donald trump was asked by a reporters if the US would attack North Korea Donald Trump answered “we’ll see”.

    China has said that Donald Trumps threat to stop trade with nations trading with North Korea is unfair. Chinease Foreign Ministry spokesperson Geng Shuang said “What is definitely unacceptable to us is that on the one hand we work so hard to peacefully resolve this issue and on the other hand our interests are subject to sanctions and jeopardized,”

    Theresa May has commended the latest nuclear tests by North Korea a “unacceptable further threat to the international community”. US Defence Secretary Jim Mattis also added to Donald Trump rhetoric after a white house meeting with the president and national security officials by saying “will be met with a massive military response” and added the military response will be “both effective and overwhelming”.

    Things may not be as simple however just to attack the rogue nation as South Korea is extremely vulnerable to a nuclear strike from North Korea. Plus the United states have a very poor record when it comes to “effective and overwhelming” military responses.

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    Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie getting back together? Angelina Jolie Admits she doesn’t like being single

    Amid rumours that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are getting back together Angelina Jolie admits that she isn’t cut out for singleton life.

    In an interview with the Sunday telegraph Angelina Jolie has admitted that there is “nothing nice” about the single life. Telling the Sunday telegragh that  It’s been difficult” being single.

    “I don’t enjoy being single. It’s not something I wanted. There’s nothing nice about it. It’s just hard.”

    These comments aren’t a one off as she also told the Sydney Morning herald: “I’m trying to get through it by just moving forward and knowing it’s part of being human.

    “Maybe sometimes it appears I am pulling it all together, but really in fact I am just trying to get through my days.

    “I will eventually balance more and do more work, but because of family issues it’s been extremely tough.”

    In July Angelina Jolie also told Vanity fair about the toll the split was having on her and her children. Brad Pitt has already told reporters that had ditched boozing and smoking pot, which had “become a problem” in his marriage.

    Something that according to Brad he cannot remember ever going without…

    “I can’t remember a day since I got out of college when I wasn’t boozing or had a spliff, or something. Something,” Brad admitted. This further fuels speculation that Brad pit is trying to sort out his act to get back together with his estranged wife. Biographer Ian Halperin who is close to both of them has also said that “Both of them realise they are happier together than apart. Once they cleared the air between them, things started to improve.”

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