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    Ignored at Church

    Church is the last place you expect to be not welcome but this Sunday I went to a church BBQ and was given the cold shoulder by everyone. This happened even after the service before the BBQ was all about everyone being united and being inclusive to everyone! This has really knocked my confidence and […]

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    How to print your own t shirts

    In this guide, I will be telling you how t-shirt printing works and how you can get into it and start printing off your own designs and make money (hopefully)! There are a few things you should know before diving into the t-shirt printing biz including how to not waste your money and how to […]

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    8 reasons why google is evil

    If you think that google goes by its mantra of “Dont be evil” then think again! Here are 10 reason off the top of my head why google is evil and why you should really start searching with something else. 1.Google censors the internet If you are searching on google you are not getting the […]

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    All there is to know about seo

    In this seo guide I will be telling you everything there is to now about SEO.. and just how boring it is. When the internet first began search engines would use a variety of on page factors to gauge the quality of a website. However because in the 90s the internet was still a new […]

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    Streetmap loses court case against google

    In a high court battle against Google, Streetmap a UK based company accused google of being anti competitive after google launched its own map service in 2007. According to streetmap google used its dominant search engine market share to promote googles own map service by putting google maps at the top of its search results […]

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    Is the Democrat party rigging the results so Bernie doesn’t win?

    Does this sound democratic to you? Bernie sanders and Hilary Clinton both tied in the Iowa presidential nomination vote… and then after a COIN TOSS Hilary Clinton ends up winning it! It all sounds a bit fishy to me and I would say that the democrat party are frauds and not democratic at all! My […]

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    The Tories are plutocrats

    This week it has been very clear what side George Osbourne is on and it isn’t the English peoples side! Despite China being on the verge of total financial collapse as Chinese stocks continue to plummet and then having a huge knock on effect to investors across the world George has stuck with guns and […]

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    The pope talks with Google

    The pope gets in talks with the devil (google)! According to reports on January  15th the pope had a meeting with Eric Schmidt CEO of Alphabet aka google! It is unknown what was exactly talked about in this meeting but Eric Schmidt wouldn’t be up to anything good that is for sure! Why does the […]