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    Media.net review: Avoid at all costs its a scam!

    If you are looking for an alternative to google adsense then I would strongly suggest that you keep well away from media.net. This is because media.net (Yahoo, bing contextual ad network) does not pay its advertisers and essentially scams webmasters out of free advertising.

    Ambiguous and unreasonable conditions in their program guidelines allows them to ban accounts whenever they like, for example:
    Your site needs to “Receive majority of their traffic from US / UK / Canada”, which is just simply stupid. Site owners should not have to spend their time blocking people from other countries by creating a firewall like the Chinese government just to appease media.net guidelines. If Media.net does not like traffic from outside these countries they could simply block ads from showing for ips not living in those countries. HOWEVER according to a large majority of complaints found online Media.net points to this rule when banning peoples accounts, often just before they are meant to get paid.

    Another unreasonable demand in program guidelines is that site should not “Deceptive or manipulative content or construction of sites to improve search-engine ranking”. Media.net is not a search engine so why this should bother them goodness only knows. This rule is so ambiguous that it can allow media.net to ban your account for practically any subjective reason they like in order to not pay you.
    Media.net also wants to dictate what you can and cannot have on your website. With guidelines by preventing ads from displaying on ““Pages containing profanity or content that and/or discriminates or is offensive to any section of people” or “Hate, violence, racial intolerance, or advocate against any individual, group, or organization” it is quite clear that once you have media.net ads on your site you are no longer in editorial control of your site.. According to media.net rules this post would be enough to get this site banned from media.nets program as I am writing “against any individual, group, or organization”
    If you use wordpress and use use a cache plugin to make your site load faster for example W3 Total Cache you are also at risk of getting banned “Cache or otherwise store the ads in any form or manner”.
    If your ads are “Placed on free hosted pages” media.net may use this as an excuse to ban your site. How can Media.net know whether a site is being hosted on free hosting or not and why would it matter?
    This rule “Sites with fake news ” is just stupid and also undermines your editorial control of your site. What constitutes as fake news to media.net anyway? Donald trump considers CNN to be fake news? Does that mean CNN would get banned?
    It is quite clear that Media.net is up to no good and has constructed its guidelines in such a way to allow it to ban peoples accounts using vague excuses just to get out of paying people their due money.

    All sites must be approved manually by some one who works for the company before websites are accepted and allowed to add ads to their website. So, why does media.net approve sites that are breaking its guidelines and wouldnt be allowed to generate money from them in the first place? Which to me suggests that media.net simply uses these guidelines for excuses later on when it comes to payout time to not pay webmasters.

    Doing further research into this ad network it seems another way media.net gets away with not paying people is to set their RPM to $0.0. RPM is basically Revenue Per 1,000 Impressions. Media.net uses SECRET computer algorithms to calculate the value of the traffic of a website. If you rpm is set to $0.0 it means that no matter how much traffic and eyeballs see your ads you will not be paid a penny! Many have complained that despite getting thousands of real visitors to their website and generating thousands of impressions on their ads they get ZERO money from media.net because their traffic is deemed “low quality”. Webmaster have to take Media.net’s word for it that their traffic is low quality, this is because media.net does not disclose to webmaster how they came up with the conclusion that their traffic is low quality.

    On one of my sites that I places their ads on I failed to earn any money because my RPM was set to $0.0 despite generating thousands of impressions from high quality ENGAGING traffic coming from google news. After trying to contact my “account manager” called “Rohan” about why my RPM was set to $0.0 and why my traffic was not generating any money I was simply ignored.

    I have since removed media.net ads from my site and will never ever use them again. I you have has a similar experience then please feel free to comment below and share your story. Just because these scammers are part of big company doesn’t mean that they should be allowed to get away with scamming people like this!

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    Google upgrades street view cameras to spy on people better

    Google is currently updating its intrusive Google Street View Cameras on its cars that prowl the streets taking pictures of things and people without permission. In a post on wired.com google wants to use the new and improved high definition cameras in conjunction with machine learning to index the real world better. Google will use the photos it takes of signs, business names, and even opening hours of businesses displayed on signs to apparently make it search results better.

    From the get go, google maps was designed not help people find places but a way to spy on people. Street view is part of google maps which was originally set up as a project by the CIA who have vast investments in google and other Silicon Valley tech companies.

    ‘Google has already photographed over 80 billion individual photographs in 85 different countries and things are just about to get a whole lot more intrusive.

    The new creepy cars look like this…

    Snazzy right? I guess google can afford them when they don’t pay tax!
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    Jacob Rees-Mogg says he is opposed to abortion and gay marriage!

    Here in the UK liberals are in melt down after an eccentric conservative mp Jacob Rees-Mogg said on this morning Britain that he thinks that abortion (the murder of unborn babies) is wrong in all cases and that gay marriage is wrong.

    He explained to piers Morgan on the show that “Life is sacrosanct and begins at the point of conception,”.. however Piers Morgan was little interested in debate and just wanted to put Rees Mogg down.

    These views are far from hatred but fuelled by compassion and empathy.

    Piers Morgan demonstrated his hypocrisy as the previous guest who was talking about how gay conversion therapy is “apparently” wrong on the show was arguing that people with opposing views to his shouldn’t be allowed to discuss them and should instead be shouted down. Whilst Piers Morgan dismissed the guest and ignored him, after taking the view that people aren’t allowed to have a view against the liberals was arguing that debate is needed even if you don’t like the views.

    However, he then took the opposing view with his next guest 5 minutes later with Mogg, when Mogg had a view that went against Piers Morgans liberal views on gay marriage and abortion. Deliberately misinterpreting what Mogg had said in order to shout him down and cause a witch hunt. Mogg explained that he knew the law of the land was different and that these were his personal catholic views.

    It is is quite shameful that the Church of England is tearing itself apart with these sorts of views whilst the Catholic Church is holding its ground. Maybe this is why Christianity is declining in the UK.

    Unlike liberals however Mogg pointed out that these views were his personal views and that he respected democracy snd the law of the land.

    If Reese Mogg was a Muslim politician it would be inconceivable that Piers Morgan would have asked these questions let alone shout him down.

    Reese Mogg was simply expressing his own beliefs and conscience and wasn’t trying to impose them on anyone unlike former liberal democrat leader Tim Farron who cowardly backtracked, denied his own beliefs and made himself look foolish during the last general election. Rees Mogg should be admired rather than chastised….

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    Amazon take advantage of Hurricane Irma victims by price gouging bottles of water

    Hurricane Irma is a category 5 storm and is the second powerfullest Atlantic storm ever recorded in history!

    Whilst many in America and in the Caribbean are fearing that they will loose everything as hurricane Irma threatens to wreak havoc over them, Amazon thinks it is a great opportunity to make more money. The amoral company has started to take advantage of people living in the destructive path of hurricane Irma by massively inflating the price of water. Many are taking to buying water online as supermarkets quickly sell out of necessity items in regions hit and about to be hit by the storm. Diana Moskovitz an editor for deadspin was quoted $179.25!

    Some disgruntled customers have took to twitter to shame the company:

    Price gouging such as this is illegal in Florida, one of the regions set to be hit by hurricane Irma. Like always however Amazon will simply get away with it just like it gets away with evading tax, selling peado guidebooks and all the other immoral and illegal things this company does. Evidence that this shiny happy media company couldn’t care less what happens to you, amazon is not on your side.

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    Christianity in decline in the uk but on the increase worldwide

    A British Social Attitudes survey has revealed that 52% of uk population has no religion.

    It is therefore important that churches across the country do more to fill the gaping void in people’s lives and offer love, peace, understanding and moral guidance through Jesus Christ. It is becoming more obvious that this country must not loose sight of God and it is essential Christianity is not sidetracked by issues and pressure groups peddling their own propaganda attempting to undermine God’s truth and people’s faith. The void will be filled by forces beyond the control of the media elite.

    With falling church attendance in the Church of England it is evident that the Church of England is not doing enough to reach out and preach the gospel to people in the uk. Instead of preaching the true word of god the Church of England instead panders to liberalism in order to look “trendy and cool” when there was simply no need to.

    The constant drip of anti christian reporting in the media risks pushing this country into a moral malaise. This coupled with an undeniable crippling politically correct fear of criticising the obvious of Islam further risks the ‘Guardianistas’ losing the liberal freedoms they purport to hold so dear.

    However Christianity is still on the rise across the world and appearing in the most unlikely places such as Yemen, China and North Korea. These are places where Christianity has been historically persecuted but the undeniable draw and commitment to Christianity by people living in these countries often in extreme poverty is evidence enough that you cannot keep Christianity down.

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