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    Eric schmidt is on the list of people going to Bilderberg <<<which says it all really! #SCUMBAGS

    • It is crony capitalism at its best.. also apprently 250 people have went eithier from google jobs to government jobs or vice versa over the Obama regime.

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    Now scientistsare growing human organs inside pigs!!! EEEEEEEK

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    Does the Bilderberg group run the world? Yes by the looks of this graph which illustrates the tight grip its memebers have on our economy and society.
    What is also interesting to note is that half of the people in the bilderberg group are “Jewish” even though jewish people only account for around 2% of the worlds population (I guess this is…

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    The lefties are at it again! Apparently at a university they banned white straight men from going to their EQUALITY conferences!! This just beggars belief.. This just proves how hypercritical some so called lefties are by banning people from an event solely because of that persons gender, sexuality and…[Read more]

    • Shows how clueless and stupid these people are if they don’t see the irony to this.. unless they do and this is just some form of revenge.

      In my opinion this lgbt thing is all about being right on and trendy and nothing else……………..Why is being white, straight and male a untrendy thing all of a sudden.. the media sets the trends…[Read more]

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    *Spoiler alert*

    I really didn’t see that coming on The Flash season 2 finale! It was a really amazing just as The flash beats Zoom and all the loose ends get tied up The flash suddenly decides that he doesn’t like how everything has ended up (after Zoom kills his father).. so the flash travels all the way back into time to stop the reverse…[Read more]

    • I think The Flash as well as Gotham are the best things on tv at the moment!!!
      Throughout series 1 and 2 I have been coming up with all sorts of possible theories on what might happen next but every time I think I have things sussed the writers come up with something that I would have never would have guessed in a million years.

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    The fact that the politicians are using scare tactics to make us vote to stay in the EU sums up the EU pretty well!

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    I have just read something extremely disturbing… apparently scientists in America are trying to genetically modify embryos so that they contain both human and animal DNA! see:

    If these Frankenstein…[Read more]

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    Its the warped Satanist elite who control the media trying to make people feel worthlessness and trying to make them even question their own existence!

    This professor has got things right though speaking out against this evil

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    I agree totally!!! I think Google is a disgusting company and cannot be trusted at all with the patient data!! Google will use this data to make even more money after all that is Google’s business model.. give out free stuff like android and make the user the product by collecting tons of data from users to make money from them!
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    Cuba’s culture is going to totally disappear now! I wonder what Castro would have have to say about all of this?? Is Castro still alive.. or have the Americans bumped him off in secret as to not start another revolution?

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    I cannot actually wait to get one of these and Im so pleased it is so cheap I was actually expecting it to be around $1200 especially for this one that is meant to be the higher end model!! I bet some people are kicking themselves so hard right now if they just bought a titan x full price! ahhh that would be so painful!! I might have to wait a…[Read more]

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    In my opinion the EU is a monster trying to destroy our democracy and has been set up by the AMERICANS through their control of Germany after world war 2.. AND when America does merge with the eu through the transatlantic investment and trade partnership that gives America priority and the final decisions in laws made then it is quite clear to see…[Read more]

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    I very much doubt anything will come out of this at all.. anonymous didn’t actually leak anything new only collected a bunch of links to stories already out there about Hilary Clinton. Do not get me wrong I want Hilary Clinton and the rest of the greedy capitalist cronies to get what they deserve but the FBI have not arrested her now and probably…[Read more]

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    Something that well and truly sucks is Norton internet security… I got it on my new computer pre installed and it just slows down my whole computer. At one point it was using 90% of my cpu whilst it was updating (which is does quite a lot pointlessly). It is really intrusive and once your subscription finishes it just turns into a virus by…[Read more]

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    Google has been updating the so called search quality algo recently.. in other words the greedy pigs want more money so they are demoting even more small businesses n the search results in order to force them to buy adwords just to be seen. If this is not anti competitive I do not know what is! But do not count on the government doing anything…[Read more]

    • I have noticed changes as well…My site lost even more ranking and more amazon listing have appeared if that was even possible. I only monitor the search results for my site on google I do not actually use google as a search engine anymore after they virtually destroyed my business. Through out the Christmas period google was “updating something”…[Read more]

      • mike replied 1 year ago

        4 months later and things for me have gone from bad to worse… it just doesn’t make any sense to even do anything on the internet anymore because google is doing everything in their wretched power to make sure the only way is too get traffic is to buy adword.. but at £1 per click adwords is unprofitable and a scam!

        What is funny is that in 2003…[Read more]

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