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    chris - "Does the Bilderberg group run the world? Yes by the looks of this graph that illustrates the tight grip its memebers have on our economy and society. What is also interesting to note is that half of the people in […]"View
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    James - "So the uk has decided that it has had enough with the big businesses, elites bureaucrats, plutocrats and WANT DEMOCRACY BACK so have voted to leave the EU.. but despite the leave side winning fairly in a vote […]"View
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    mike - "Some may disagree with what I am about to say but I don’t care as this is a free world and we should all be able to express our opinions and this is mine…. What is the media’s obsession with transsexuals all of […]"View
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    jam - "Church is the last place you expect to be not welcome but this Sunday I went to a church BBQ and was given the cold shoulder by everyone there despite the service just before the BBQ being about uniting and being […]"View
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