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Madonna Dating Brahim Zaibat?

Madonna Dating Brahim Zaibat?

Madonna is reportedly dating Brahim Zaibat , his mom claims.

"My mouth fell open when I realized that my son was Madonna's new boyfriend," said 44-year-old Patricial Vidal to National Enquirer. "I'm still trying to come to terms with it."

Her son is professional dancer Brahim Zaibat, 24.

Madonna... reportedly made the first move, telling Brahim their astrological signs were compatible.

Meanwhile, Patricia - a divorced mother of four who lives in Lyon, France - said her son told her about his new girlfriend in a phone call, adding there was an eight-year age gap.

"Madonna was already a big star when I was a schoolgirl, let alone when Brahim was growing up. The whole situation is very strange."

"I certainly wouldn't say we're overjoyed by his relationship with a non-Muslim," she said. "The fact that she's Madonna doesn't make things easier."




Madonna is like a God,
She introduced the world to Jesus.
Jesus became Madonna's next Guy.
Lourdes have Mercy.

Madonna is - Like a statue,
Been around for thousands of years.
A symbol of strength, a reminder of the past.
Lourdes have Mercy.

Madonna is - Like a Virgin Mary
She has a son she didn't conceive.
Both their sons have their names in the bible,
Lourdes have Mercy.

Madonna is - Like a God,
Madonna is - Like a statue.
Madonna is - Like a Virgin - Mary; and I love
Madonna's - Like a Prayer.

Madonna's always worn crosses,
And regularly used religion.
She's often upset the church,
And even offended the pope. (Lourdes have Mercy)

Madonna's changed her image,
Madonna's changed her religion.
Madonna's gone from Catholic to Kabalah and ...…..
Madonna's now dumped Jesus. (Lourdes have Mercy)

Madonna and Jesus are over,
David is in the bible.
Rocco was forgotten, (Poor Guy)
Lourdes have Mercy.














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