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CringeWorthy: Redmond O'Neal Skates Again

Talk about celebrity justice. What do you do with a drug addict who has failed rehab four times and violated probation by bringing heroin into a prison parking lot - while his mother fights for her life? You give him a tap on the wrist and send him back to rehab again.

Yeah, like that's going to work. Even if he gets clean temporarily, his dad will probably hook him up again when he gets out. The father must feel it's important to continue that family tradition - if he cares at all. I find it ironic that he refused to bail him out after his most recent arrest - for bringing heroin to an LA jail. I don't know if he thought he was going to shoot up before he went to visit, or was hoping to smuggle it in, but he obviously didn't think it through. Big surprise, eh?

Now he's got two felony drug charges against him, so what does the judge do? He decides to send him back to rehab again, instead of to jail, which he more richly deserves. Acting like the typical spoiled celebrity child who has never had to account for his actions, Redmond has been a stone cold junkie for years. Not even his mother's battle with cancer was enough to sway him from the pipe (it didn't do much to dissuade his father, either). She was only back from Germany for a couple of days before he got popped this time.

But I guess that doesn't matter if your last name is O'Neal. Like his big sister Tatum, Redmond cried some crocodile tears and made conspicuous mention of his mother to elicit the sympathy of the judge. To give him a little credit, the judge did tell Redmond that if he screws up again he'll go directly to jail, but I'm sure his dad probably gave him a little pat on the head and sent him off to play with his friends again.













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