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CringeWorthy: John Edwards Finally Admits All To Elizabeth

Yeah, so he can think he's got a clean conscience when she passes. What kind of dirtbag not only cheats on his terminally ill wife, but waits until the very end to admit that the little baby that looks like him really is his?

I feel so badly for Elizabeth Edwards. She stood by her lying, philandering sleaze of a husband throughout the Rielle Hunter scandal, even when he admitted his infidelity, although sources say she did kick him out of the house privately. I sure hope so.

But he has steadfastly denied that Rielle's pretty little baby girl was his, even when everyone, including Elizabeth, knew differently. In fact, the only reason he admitted his lie to Elizabeth was because he was trying to keep Rielle from publishing a tell-all ahead of Elizabeth's upcoming memoir. That would be the ultimate slap in the face to a woman neither John nor Rielle are worthy of even cutting the grass for.

I hope his confession earned him a good solid kick in the nuts from Elizabeth, and that Rielle takes him to the cleaners and ruins him for good. I hope, however, that she has the decency to wait until after Elizabeth is gone to do so. That might be too much to ask, though. She's broke and living on the kindness of her friends. Sooner or later she's going to get sick of being a pity case and strike back. If he had a decent bone in his body he would be supporting that child.













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