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CringeWorthy: Chris Brown Tried To Play Us All For Fools

There was never a reunion or reconciliation. There was no duet or PR tour. There was no baby or secret marriage. There was only Chris and his spin machine, and it looks like someone ran out of quarters.

Sure, they're "taking a break". She has washed her hands of him, and was classy enough to do it in a way that he won't lose any more face than he already has. While his people have been out there planting stories about self-help books and sex tapes Rihanna has been healing, getting her life back together. And now she's ready to put it all behind her.

This week while Chris has been photographed with a sour puss while off recording a new album that nobody will buy, Rihanna has been having meetings with movie producers and hitting the club scene at night ... alone. Gone are the big hoodies and sunglasses. She looks great and she's moving on.

While she's doing that, Chris Brown's spinmeisters are in a huddle, trying to come up with a positive spin on the latest events. He can't convince her to come back, and they can no longer convince the public they are still an item. His name is worse than mud in every town now. He's living on borrowed time and residual income, both of which will pass quick as the blink of an eye - just ask Gary Coleman. I think Brown will make a good mall cop or lot attendant. I hope all of his bosses going forward, for the rest of his life, are women. Big, mean, women whose daughters or nieces or cousins have been abused like Rihanna was.













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