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CringeWorthy: 16 Year Old Mistaken For 40 Year Old

And it's NOT a Lohan. Ha! No, it was Miley, and if she wasn't so freakin' dense she'd probably be pissed. And it gets better - check it out after the jump.

Maybe it's that voice: she sounds like a chain-smoking bar hag. But it's not just the voice - at only 16 she looks like an aging truck stop waitress. Those big veneers don't help either.

Miley, an assistant of some sort and her little sister Noah (WTF kinda name is that for a little girl?!?) were in a department store when a salesperson complimented Miley on how well she was aging - and tried to sell her wrinkle cream.

Miley felt it was her duty to set the poor woman straight. "OK, lady," she brayed. "that is NOT my husband, that is NOT my child, and I'm not 40, I'm 16." Miley claims the saleswoman was embarrassed, but I doubt it. The "assistant" with her in the store was most likely her underwear model boyfriend, and they were probably playing full-contact tonsil hockey by the changing rooms. Speaking of underwear boy, it's probably no surprise to anyone except Billy Ray and Letitia Cyrus that he's not the squeaky clean church-going nice boy they thought he was. Life with UB has put a strain on the Cyrus family dynamic, and with good reason. Of course, now that he's there they may never be able to get rid of him. If he goes, she'll go, and they'll be out of a job. It's a tough old world.













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