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Blake Lively got into trouble because of her height

Blake Lively got into trouble because of her height


Blake Lively got into trouble because of her height

Gossip Girl star Blake Lively often got into trouble because of her height as a kid. Blake was so tall when she was three she was mistaken for a six-year-old. "When I was younger my brother hated going to school on his own and would always cry. When I was three - I was tall for my age and looked like I was six so my mum sent me to school with him. But after a few weeks one of the teachers came up to my mum and said 'We think your daughter might be slow for her age. She can't be in this class' I went in to first grade - but all I wanted to do was sleep and I couldn't talk. I was as tall as the rest of the kids so it was ok. But they ended up having to pull me out."




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