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Amy Winehouse Presents Endurance Undergarments For The Dedicated Crackhead

Who wants to waste time running to the loo to relieve oneself? You know damn well if you step away for even five minutes half your stash will be gone. But you gotta go, and the binge is just getting started. How does a true professional stick it out for the long haul without an unsightly mess? Simple. Follow the jump and check it out.

Amy is just falling apart. Today's Daily Mail had close-up shots of her cratered and crusty face. A few weeks ago it was her emaciated legs. And now it seems she's wearing incontinence pants under her grown-up clothes.

Maybe it was the diaper that set her off, causing her to attack yet another photographer. I know if I had to sit in a soggy diaper I'd be grumpy as hell. She had just conveniently missed yet another visit with Blake Incarcerated - is he the only one who thinks she misses these appointments by accident? - when she flipped out, swinging her arms and screaming obscenities.

Amy has defied all odds (and even logic) by remaining relatively upright during her latest binge. I doubt she even knows what day it is anymore. Just when you think she's hit bottom, she just digs down a little deeper into the muck and mire. Why can't her parents do what Britney's parents did? Surely there are similar laws in Britain. She's obviously not able to care for herself anymore. Her parents should do more than make sure they're in her will.













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