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On ‘The Martha Stewart Show’ , host Martha Stewart welcomed back the hilarious Rosie O’Donnell. The long-time friends chatted about Rosie’s new book, ‘Crafty-U,’ and demoed two fun and inventive projects that adults and children can do together – painted sneakers and a magical bean mosaic.

Rosie on her time at ‘The View’:

RO: I haven’t worked since 2002. Aside from ‘The View’…let’s not mention it. Anyway…

MS: You did really well on ‘The View’.

RO: I tried my best but it’s hard for me when I’m not the boss. There was people there telling me what to do. There was a little republican who scared me.

Martha on Celebrity Jeopardy:

RO: You should go on Jeopardy.

MS: I did.

RO: How did you do on Jeopardy?

MS: I won.

RO: I bet you did.

MS: I went on Celebrity Jeopardy.

RO: Who were you against?

MS: Well, it wasn’t that difficult…

RO: Tell me, who?

MS: I was on it with a baseball player…the host of Survivor, and he thought he was going to win.

Rosie on her new book, ‘Crafty-U’:

RO: But here’s the thing about this book – it’s to teach people how to play with their kids. It’s not really about the perfection. You know, like you. You’re always well put together. You’re always perfect.

Martha on a craft from Rosie’s new book, ‘Crafty-U’:

MS: ‘Heidi’s Yummy Easter Eggs’…

RO: That’s my sister’s idea.

MS: Oh, those are cute.

RO: Yeah, she worked for you.

MS: Oh, she did?

RO: Yeah, but she had babies. It wasn’t her fault. You didn’t fire her.

Rosie on her invention the “hadIT”:

RO: Do you ever wear something to keep the glue out of your hair when you’re crafting?

MS: Oh, no.

RO: This is an invention. I invented it. I call it the “hadIT”. When you’ve ‘had it’, you put this on. I shaved the back of my head so it would fit nice.

MS: Oh, are you going to sell those?

RO: Yeah. We’re selling them but nobody enjoys them besides me. I made like 10,000 of them.

MS: I think they’re cute! There’s no reason why you can’t sell this.

RO: Really? Do you think it’s too bright, the color?

MS: Yes. For me, yes.

RO: I knew it. There was an error.

Rosie on her college experience:

RO: I dropped out of school. I had a 1.62 grade point average. You know what that is? That’s a D-.

MS: Yeah, that’s no so good. They don’t want you to stay if you’re not really trying.

RO: Nope. They didn’t want me to stay.

MS: But she [Rosie] tried in other things…and I don’t think she [Rosie] did so badly.

RO: What happened was, I started working at the comedy clubs when I was in Boston at Boston University, so then I couldn’t get up in the morning for all my classes.

MS: Of course not. How could you?

RO: Right. I had priorities.













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