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Did Barley Water and Vitamins Cure Jeff Conaway?

How could this be? The man was screaming, crying, going into convulsions. He had his crazy girlfriend enabling his addictions faster than Dr. Drew could undo them. You mean to tell me that with one wave of his magic wand, the Great Travolta and the Church of Xenu made all that bad stuff go away? Most importantly, who's footing the bill? They may call themselves a church, but they don't do anything for free.

I don't watch a lot of TV, and watch even less reality TV, but I've seen clips of Jeff Conaway's gut-wrenching ordeal on Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew. I was stunned when I saw how banged up Jeff was after all those years of having mad crushes on him - he looked like an 80 year old man, and sounded even worse. I didn't think anyone was going to be able to save this guy.

Although Dr. Drew has helped him in the past, Jeff left Celebrity Rehab without completing his proscribed stay, he has found salvation and sobriety in a most unlikely source: Scientology. Jeff says that his old buddy John Travolta, unable to watch him "going down the tubes", gave him some books on Scientology and sent over one of their auditors almost daily. Those guys must be really scary, because Jeff seems to be making a recovery. He's put back on some of the 40 pounds he lost with Dr. Drew's program, and tells Inside Edition he can't wait to get back to work again.

While it's great that Jeff seems to be doing well, it makes one wonder what he had to do or give up to get their notorious Narconon treatment. This is not a church that helps the indigent - you have to have bucks to be a Scientologist. Did he sign over his check for Celebrity Rehab? Maybe some of those Grease royalty checks? They can put lifts in Tommy Boy's shoes, they can spray paint over John's receding hairline, but Kenickie was the original butterscotch stallion.













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