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Ivana Trump Bagged A Hot Young Stud Wearing That?

I was stunned when I saw this picture of Ivana. Usually so stylish, so perfectly put together, Ivana looks like she's headed into downtown Tulsa for a night of KFC and bingo with her grandson. Is the attraction physical, spiritual ... or does he just want to get into her balance sheets?

Ivana was never a patsy or wallflower. When the Donald left her for a younger woman, Ivana dug in her heels and negotiated a handsome settlement she has carefully managed and invested into a considerable estate. Once free of the Mighty Combover, she could openly indulge her taste for hot young guys, some young enough to be her children, some perhaps even younger.


The delectable dish she's with is one Rossano Rubicondi. I'm not sure of their ages, but I think Ivana is like 60 and he's probably half her age. Seriously, she's got to have at least twenty on him - years and inches. He's probably a wealthy businessman of some type - Ivana likes 'em young but she can't stand 'em dumb. Interesting how he keeps his distance from her, though - is he hoping to score some digits from some hot little serving girl? I guess a guy's got to keep his options open.

Ivana would make a great reality show subject. She leads a truly rarefied lifestyle, with servants waiting on her and the finest accoutrements. Melania can scowl all day long, but she'll never trump the original Mrs. Trump, and probably wouldn't dare cross her path. I hear Ivana can be formidable after she's got a few martinis under her belt.













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