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Lindsay Lohan's 2006 Fueding

Lindsay Lohan's 2006 Fueding


January 10 - Lindsay badmouths Scarlett on a bathroom wall
Lindsay writes “Scarlett is a bloody cunt” on the wall of a NYC bathroom while out with Kate Moss. The message is likely about Scarlett Johansson, who dated Jared Leto, Lindsay’s ex.


February 16 - Lindsay Lohan fights with her mom?
Lindsay argues with her mother at a party for Karl Lagerfeld.

February 20 - Lindsay Lohan snubs Kimberly Stewart
Lindsay ignores fellow starlet, Kimberly Stewart at a Hollywood party.

February 27 - Lindsay Lohan not close with Paris Hilton or Nicole Richie
Lindsay says she is only acquaintances with Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie.


April 13 - Celeb drama at the Dime (Jessica Simpson vs Lindsay Lohan)

Lindsay gets into a fight with Jessica Simpson and Jessica’s stylist.

April 21 - Lindsay goes after Nick - and revenge!

Lindsay vows to go after Nick Lachey in order to anger Jessica Simpson.


May 10 - Nick Lachey hates Lindsay Lohan?

On a morning show, Nick Lachey claims he doesn’t understand why any guy would be interested in Lindsay.

May 10 - Lindsay Lohan Catfights!

Lindsay lashes out at Cameron Diaz when Cameron asks her to stop smoking at a club.

May 16 - Paris and Lindsay clash in club

While at Hollywood hotspot, Hyde Lindsay and Paris Hilton “trash talk” one another.

May 17 - Slutty Paris Hilton and Fat, Ugly Brandon Davis really hate Lindsay Lohan

Brandon Davis performs his infamous “firecrotch” monologue and claims Lindsay is poor. Lindsay’s nemesis, Paris Hilton is present, laughing the whole time.

May 17 - Danny's beef with Lindsay

Lindsay throws a fit when Danny Masterson refuses to let her in to his club.

May 19 - Paris Hilton vs Lindsay Lohan

Paris Hilton’s rep claims that Brandon Davis was not speaking for Paris when he made his “firecrotch” tirade.

May 23 - Paris Hilton calls Lindsay Lohan the C-word, Lohan makes out with Stavros Niarchos

Paris Hilton plays a voicemail from Lindsay to her friends so that they can make fun of her. She also calls Lindsay a cunt. Lindsay, in turn, spends the night with Paris’s ex, Stavros Niarchos.

May 26 - Paris and Lindsay battle on

Lindsay hooks up with Paris Hilton’s ex, Stavros Niarchos. Paris flirts with Lindsay’s ex, Brett Ratner.

May 28 - Brandon Davis apologizes to Lindsay Lohan

Brandon Davis apologizes to Lindsay for his “firecrotch” speech. He calls his actions “reprehensible.”

May 28 - Paris Hilton & Lindsay Lohan face off in club

Lindsay makes nice with Paris Hilton when they both show up at Hyde. Paris ignores her.


June 3 - Lindsay Lohan & Paris Hilton reunite

Despite their feud, Lindsay and Paris pose for pictures together with Chanel designer, Karl Lagerfeld at a party for Dom Perignon.

June 14 - Paris and Lindsay at it again

Paris Hilton screams at Lindsay at a NYC club. Lindsay takes off rather than fighting back.

June 21 - Strange feud: Lindsay vs. Diddy

After arguing with Paris Hilton at NYC club, Butter, Lindsay returns to her table to find Diddy’s entourage there. When Lindsay pouts about it, Diddy has her thrown out.

June 22 - Lindsay Lohan vs Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton wins back her ex, Stavros Niarchos in order to anger Lindsay. Lindsay had been hooking up with Stavros.


July 18 - Paris teases Lindsay at party

Paris Hilton makes fun of Lindsay at a party, causing Lindsay to run off crying.

July 20 - Did Paris hack Lindsay's BlackBerry?

Lindsay’s rep claims that Lindsay’s BlackBerry has been hacked. She alludes that Paris Hilton is responsible.

July 21 - Paris Hilton thinks Lindsay Lohan is delusional

Paris Hilton slams reports that Lindsay Lohan has hooked up with her ex, Stavros Niarchos. She says Stavros thinks Lindsay is “pathetic.”

July 21 - Paris Hilton Denies Lindsay Lohan Blackberry Hacking

Paris Hilton’s rep claims accusations that Paris hacked Lindsay’s BlackBerry are “silly.”

July 28 - Lindsay gets a talking to

The CEO of the company that is producing Lindsay’s latest film scolds her over her partying.


August 13 - Lindsay Lohan slams Paris Hilton

Lindsay tells Elle magazine that Paris Hilton and Brandon Davis have left her prank voicemail messages.

August 15 - Paris Hilton still hates Lindsay Lohan

Paris Hilton smiles as Brandon Davis and Scott Storch revive the word “firecrotch.”

August 18 - Brandon Davis still hates Lindsay Lohan

Brandon Davis jumps onstage at Paris Hilton’s album release party to sing a song called “firecrotch.”

August 18 - Justin Timberlake hates Lindsay Lohan?

Justin Timberlake refuses to allow Lindsay to come to one of his concerts.

August 24 - Paris Hilton hacked Lindsay Lohan's account?

Paris Hilton is dropped from a phone service when the company finds she has hacked Lindsay’s account.

August 29 - Macy Slams Lindsay Lohan

William H. Macy, Lindsay’s Bobby co-star, criticizes her work ethic to the press.


September 16 - Jane Fonda slams Lindsay Lohan

Jane Fonda criticizes Lindsay for her partying while working on their film Georgia Rule.

September 16 - Lindsay Lohan curses her mother out, at Chinese eatery

Lindsay argues with her mother at her mother’s birthday dinner.

September 20 - Paris Hilton wants Lindsay Lohan's man

Paris Hilton dances and flirts with Lindsay Lohan’s boyfriend at Hyde.

September 24 - Paris Hilton desperate to renew Lindsay Lohan friendship

Paris Hilton and Lindsay form a truce at a Hollywood party.


October 17 - Lindsay Lohan reunites with her former nemesis Paris Hilton

Lindsay and Paris Hilton party together in Las Vegas.


November 8 - Lindsay Lohan and Harry Morton's Hyde bust up

Lindsay and her ex, Harry Morton fight at Hyde.

November 10 - Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton's feud is back on

When Paris Hilton flirts with Lindsay’s ex, Harry Morton at a club, Lindsay calls Paris a cunt while being filmed by the paparazzi.

November 21 - Lindsay Lohan snubs Keira Knightley

Lindsay plans to meet the co-star of one of her upcoming films, Keira Knightley at a London club. Lindsay then ignores Keira.

November 27 - Lindsay vs. Paris and Britney

Lindsay attempts to piss off Britney Spears by making plans to hook up with her ex, Kevin Federline. The next day Lindsay gets into a fight with Britney’s new BFF, Paris Hilton and tells the paparazzi that Paris hit her. Lindsay later takes back the whole story and is seen leaving a club with Britney and Paris.


December 1 - Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton face off again

Lindsay and her mother have a nasty run in with Paris Hilton and Stavros Niarchos at Hyde.

December 7 - Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan Sluts?

Bette Midler calls today starlets sluts and alludes to Britney Spears’s and Lindsay’s recent underwear-free photographs.













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