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Life without "Pretty" is so F**king "Boring!"

Life without "Pretty" is so F**king "Boring!"

Okay class, here's the deal: I'm testing a funny daily blog called: PrettyBoring -- with a "take no prisoners" brand of humor that unloads in Pop Cuture's face.

Just some of the topics we'll smear are movies, TV, media, fashion, music, and celebs.
Me and my posse of contributing writer's are bad boyz and girlz;

Yea, boi...don't believe us? here's a little sample of what our knee-slapping writer's said last week:


* GRAFFEO: "I’ll admit that I just recently figured out who Rachael Ray really was. I knew she cooked things in five minutes...So I watched her morning show the other day and here is my assessment: No. She’s so loud…and annoying…and loud. It was 10 am, Rachael. Shhh."


"Bob Dylan wrote a novel, and then promptly got into a near-fatal motorcycle accident. See? Novels are dangerous! Curiously, Nicole Richie’s novel...may have come out on top, sales wise, here – and she’s not even famous for anything but her frightening weight loss and her dancing-on-the-ceiling dad."


* CRUZ: "Do television viewers need more unrealistic looking people shoved down their pussies?"


* ROGNLI: "On a mid-summer night in eastern Iowa with cicadas in the trees, bratwurst on the grill, and the love of my life in my arms, she turns to me and says, “I think I might be gay.�? This was a deal breaker."


* MASTER: "I never found Mischa Barton’s Marissa in any way appealing...despite rumors of extra acting classes discretely offered to her, she tended to look like she was reading a teleprompter with a mouth full of cotton half the time."

We are so wild. -- And we're crazy too!
Who know's what we'll say this week!

So, tune in for a snarkfull @ PrettyBoring.com

Henry Cruz
, managing editor




Dang! She has certainly lost some weight! When I've seen her on TV, I have to turn it down she's soooo LOUD-she has a big mouth and never stopd talking, it got to the point where I can't watch her, her voice pierces my brian like Phyllis Diller-














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