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October 26, 2006

Is Tyra too fat for TV?

Is Tyra Banks too fat for TV?

If you're a fan of Tyra Banks, host of "America's Nest Top Model" and "The Tyra Banks Show," you've probably noticed that the former supermodel has been packing on the pounds lately. On last night's episode of "Top Model," the previously svelte Banks was looking particularly plump in a strapless mini-dress. And executives at the CW network have noticed Tyra's weight gain as well. According to MediaTakeOut.com, they're worried Tyra's fuller figure may affect "Top Model's" ratings and have told her to lose weight ASAP.

A producer for the CW told MediaTakeOut.com, "Tyra still looks good, but she's put on close to 50 pounds since starting her talk show…things are really getting out of control. I mean, she doesn't have the greatest personality, so if she starts getting too heavy, it could be a real problem for the show."

Tyra's weight has become such an issue with "Top Model" bosses that they have insisted that promotional pictures of the former model for the current season of the show be photoshopped, says MediaTakeOut.com. The site's source said, "When you see [Tyra] next to the girls on the show, you realize how much weight she's put on…it's almost ridiculous." The decision of the "Top Model" execs goes against Banks's recent declaration that she would not alter her photographs.

Tyra will have to act fast to lose the extra pounds if she hopes to continue as the host of "Top Model." The insider tells MediaTakeOut.com that if Banks does not manage to get back to her old figure, she could be replaced for the next season.




That's silly. tyra is not going t be replaced. People don't make ANTM the top rated show because Tyra is skinny or not. She's a likeable personality as well as the executive producer of the show. CW is not going to alientate it's #1 Star. DUH

Top Model is Tyras brainchild, it's her show. How are they going to kick her off her own show? Rosie can be fat, Ricki Lake, even Oprah, but because Tyra used to be a model she has to lose weight? Crass! I hope she fights this to the end.

LMAO at the Tyra pic.

I'm surprised her show has lasted so long. It's all about relationships. She thinks she's Dr. Tyra.

That woman deserves to put on some weight, she has paid her dues. She always said she was a naturally thick girl and now she can relax and enjoy herself because that's what happens when you lay back behind the scene and be the boss of YOUR own show. I think Tyra is great, she's making a difference in this world for all women. She still looks good with is, so stop sweating her. Just cause she aint stick skin don't mean nothing.

If you knew anything anout anything, you would know that that picture is from an episode where she put on a fat suit. She has also lst 20 pounds over the Summer so get a life and hop of her real breasts

whatsonpop.........Tyra does NOT have a likable personality, not at all, and that's what the (ground)beef is about. If she's already bitchy, the public doesn't want to see her fat "and" sassy, it is HER show, she created it, but, hey EVERYONE'S replacable, face it, if she's fat and bitchy and she continues that way on the air, her show would enevitably be canceled-the end

Tyra's not going anywhere. She's still beautiful, at any weight.

Yeah, God forbid a woman be a little heavy on tv when men can be old And fat without complaint. I think the reality with tyra is, if she wants to lose she will and if she doesn't i doubt anyone can persuade her to do so.


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