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Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie continue to grow apart

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie continue to grow apart

Brad Pitt and his lover Angelina Jolie continue to grow apart reports NW Magazine.

While Brad has spoken candidly since Shiloh’s birth, describing fatherhood as a “true joy��?, he’s opted for back-to-back movie projects that will keep him away from his family for months on end. He’s jumped back into his selfish movie-star life, filming Ocean’s Thirteen in Las Vegas with celeb pals George Clooney and Matt Damon. Brad Pitt says he keeps in touch with his family when he is away working by sending them regular podcasts reports 3AM Girls.

http://thebosh.com/archives/upload/2006/08/brad-angelina-maddox-beacha-thumb.jpg http://thebosh.com/archives/upload/2006/08/brad-angelina-maddox-beachb-thumb.jpg http://thebosh.com/archives/upload/2006/08/brad-angelina-maddox-beachc-thumb.jpg

Brad started making podcasts detailing what he has been up to so his family, especially his son Maddox, won't miss him too much. The doting dad and Jolie's son Maddox are reportedly so inseparable, the two have found the hightech way of staying in touch with each other.

NW continues , even when Brad is home he prefers to spend his days riding his motorcycle and visiting pals. Meanwhile, Angelina Jolie stuck in Malibu with three small children, reportedly complained, “He’s out with friends and doesn’t bother to call. I don’t understand why he feels committed to seeing so many people.��?

Angelina Jolie has plunged herself back into work, as a way to show Pitt who is boos. Later this month she starts filming the Mariane Pearl biopic A Mighty Heart, with more projects to follow.

Tied up with film schedules, the couple will barely see each other this year. And with the relationship already strained, pals worry about the effect of this separation, with one noting, “This is the beginning of a downward spiral.

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This particular story is so so inaccurate. Almost all of O13 is being filmed in LA, so Brad Pitt goes home at night (only 4 days filmed in Las Vegas). Also BP an AJ are making the film "A Mighty Heart" together. I don't know what your sources are (never heard of NW), but PEOPLE is accurate.

This story is yet again another bunch of crap. O13 is only going to do two shootings in Vegas, one starting on Monday for 4 days and the other in September.How the hell do we know what goes on in this people lives? "Pals" say this and "pals" say that, yeah right. How many pals do Angelina have? And do we actually believe that Angelina and Brad is going to be telling their business to these "so-called pals", who only runs and tell the tabs.Isn't it like every week a "pal" comes out in one of the weekly saying something about Brad and Angelina, and yet they(Brad and Angelina) will still continue to share their personal business with these "pals". People who actually believe all these stuff that are printed in the tabs are more stupid than I thought.


They are NOT a couple ever! And, he only ever had interest in the kids after she claimed her entrapment pregnancy was his. He is in a committed long distance relationship with me. He never claimed her as anything more than just friends. He claimed her KIDS only and just wanted her kids only NEVER HER! She claims herself like it is real and its all lies. Like when Aniston ran around lying as if they were happy when the truth was the were over for years! Angelina is CRAZY and deceitful and now she has to leave him alone as her tricks and manipulations failed a long time ago. K

Shiloh is NOT his which means that WITCH deliberately set out to trick and entrap him with a baby... A BABY SHE KNEW ALONG WAS NOT HIS as a measure to break us up once and for all and force him to go along with her desperate measures and failed attemps to land him since his film shoot. Unknown to Ms Jolie, was my assurances from 5 1/2mths before her Jan 06 announcememt when she first cried PREGNANCY wolfe in July 05 was that if it were his he and I would raise the child ourselves. It did NOT split us up then, nor in Jan, and certainly NOT now. K

I think you need to sit down and pray to God..what you need in your life is Jesus..NOT Brad Pitt..no human being will give you the satisfaction and peace that only Jesus can give.Give God a chance ...only He can make you happy!!!



Brad was on the rebound when he got with angelina anyways,He is not use to having all these children.a year ago he had none now has 3 for life now brad!

Angelina, you know can call me direct. BRAD DOES! You do NOT have to keep sending your flunkies aka PR liars or British losers as you are all exposed! P.s. Kill yourself instead and p.s. I know Jesus just fine that is why I do NOT chase married men, shack up with him before he is divorce or entrap him with a baby that is NOT or non orphaned orphans. HO bag Angelina does all that! Maybe she better needs Jesus...K

Well, of course Mad and Brad are inseparable. They're currently the only two men who can bond over manual access to Angie's breasts. And it looks like Mad is winning.

He took an extended vacation from movie-making – and became a dad – but Brad Pitt had no problem getting back in character for Ocean's Thirteen.

Pitt, 42, has been filming the third Rat Pack-style heist caper in L.A. and Las Vegas with George Clooney and Matt Damon – and enjoying set visits from Angelina Jolie and kids Maddox, 4, Zahara, 20 months, and 2-month-old baby Shiloh, PEOPLE reports in its new issue.

The actor "is happily splitting his time between the film and his family," says a source close to Pitt, "but his top priority continues to be his kids. Things are great for him right now."

Clearly Brad is the workaholic everyone claimed Jen was.
Jen was the one with the cleared schedule. and like even mutal friends of thiers said, was more interested in kids than he was.
Brad said in GQ 05 that he wasn't ready for a family before because he couldn't settle down, calling himself a shackleton.
Well it looks like he still can't settle down.
If you ask me brad had a mid life and is using Jolie, her connections, and thier kids to try and promote himself for his political agenda.
Brad is all work and image.
Poor Angelina. She should walk from this childish man.

Ok folks,
Hollywood is clearly a demanding place. The survival rate is very low. It appears that if the Jolie-Pitt's are to make it as a family and maintain their sanity they'll have to do something similar to what Ben Aflex and his wife just did -- move out of make believe town! Family life is NO JOKE-- you must work at it to get it right.














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