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August 17, 2006

Angelina's angry: Brad still loves Jennifer

Angelina Jolie's angry: Brad Pitt still loves Jennifer Aniston

Angelina Jolie isn’t the type of woman who enjoys competition. In her relationships she’s the top dog or else. And she certainly won’t stand to be compared to an ex. That’s why sources say she’s fuming over boyfriend Brad Pitt’s latest confession.

An insider for Life & Style Weekly claims, “Brad told Angie that he still loves his ex-wife, Jennifer Aniston - and that part of him always will…[Angelina] was infuriated.�?

According to the source it was Angelina’s reluctance to wed that made Brad nostalgic for Jennifer. Their clash over marriage made Pitt miss Aniston’s easygoing ways. Said the informer, “The future doesn’t look promising for them.�?




Sylvia Brown correctly predicted the demise of Pitt/Aniston before they wed. She stated Pitt was still grieving Paltrow and Aniston was the "rebound" girl. Whether they last or not Jolie has nothing to worry about concerning Aniston. Aniston is not the love of his life.

Brad and Jen spent time together. Brad and Jolie seem to always be on the run. I think Brad is more in love with her image than anything else. I think he is using Jolie for a political agenda he has. Jen doesn't deserve mr baggy pants brad.

I've respect for Brad still in love with JA because it's pretty obvious that Angelina is using Brad for her advantage..Whoever thinks that Brad is a loser therefore I'd say he's a victim of women's greed...

this story isnt real i saw it on the news(dont belive everything you read

brad should definitely get back with jen. angelina's a bitch.

yes,i agree with (fvbhiosdv).to all brangelina fans, it's just a rumor.it's not true.how come that the whole jolie-pitt will be moving to LA just to kept away from they're neighbour aniston,bec.brad loves angie & their family so much.& that Brad's taking Angie & kids to Las Vegas where his filming Ocean's 13, if were not for his love to Angie? And Brads making his new owned home in LOs Feliz for Angie & the kids for it wasn't for his love for Angelina? you know,it's a publicity from their detractors.i believe that Brad loves Angie verry muuuch.

sexy girl and beatifullllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll boys

i think that the only reason he is hanging on to angeina is cuz she had his baby and if it wasnt for that they wouldnt be together so the kids are saving there realtionship

well that serves angelina right?brad is really not for her!brad is only for jennifer!if it wasn't for angelina brad and jen could have fix whatever their differences are!so if i were angelina i'd back off!let brad be back to his one great love JENNIFER ANISTON!!!!!!!!!!

One thing we ar absolutely shore that brad does not want to get back with jen as much as some of you idiots would like it just move on brad has in major way so should all u idiots does jen pay you to do this or are more concern that her status will be relagated to a no body just like on friends which was popular before she met brad no one before knew she ever exhisted before brad

I think JA shouldn't get back with Brad. She will get more pain if he cheats on her again. Once, he cheats on her then he cannot be trust. Brad should know from the begining that Angie is not his type. I'm pretty sure that she loves sex more than anything. She will never beat Jen no matter how pretty and intelligent she is. She's still a loser........hahahaah


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