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August 29, 2006

Angelina Jolie pregnant again?

Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Gossip

Angelina Jolie pregnant again?

Hollywood Beauty Angelina Jolie is reportedly pregnant again. According to Australia's NW magazine Angelina Jolie is in the early stages of her second pregnancy for lover Brad Pitt.

Sources spilling to NW Magazine, wonder if this pregnancy will save Angelina and Brad's steamy love affair. Last week news.co.au reported that pillow-lipped Jolie was buckling under the pressure of postnatal depression, the fact that her mother is battling a serious illness, and the relentless attention of being one half of Hollywood's golden couple.

Friends have revealed that Jolie was insisting it was she who put their wedding on hold because she is angry that he wants her to play the "little wife".

Angelina Jolie recently announced she was taking the children on a private trip to Namibia, where Shiloh was born in May.

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Angelina Jolie wants to teach her children to be 'citizens of the world' - an idea Brad has nor been real happy with.

Meanwhile, Angelina Jolie has bigger problems. Brad's parents hate her

According to Star Magazine, little Maddox's 5th birthday party got off on the wrong foot when the Pitt’s arrived at the celeb couple’s home near Santa Barbara, Calif. According to Star’s source, Angelina didn’t say hello to Jane and just nodded in Bill’s direction, ‘which made Jane mad, and she complained loudly. Brad had to step in to make peace.? The peace did not last long! At the birthday party, she had entertainment for the adults and an open bar, but Brad’s family doesn’t drink. They were the only ones not drinking and it was uncomfortable for them,? the family friend says. “To Jane, drinking is unhealthy, and she thought Angelina was intoxicated.?



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1/Janes still likes & stays in touch with Aniston. 2/ Just because they don't drink the others can't? 3/As parents the Pitts must make Angelina feel welcome & be a part of the family not the other way. The Pitts must try harder & move on, that means tell Aniston to move on and don't go to her wedding!

Stories like this make me love Angelina even if I didn't before. Brad had moved on and he is happy, if his parents choose to be stock in the past, that's their problem. If their impression mattered, Brad will not have left Jen to begin with. Jen's behavior is typical for "weak" women, who can't handle a breakup, so they hold on to anything that puts them close to their ex-lover. That explains why Jen will want to be close to Brad's folks. Brad's mom should know better. Being close to Jenifer alone is a good turn-off for Angelina and I don't blame her at all. The person Jenifer should be getting close to is her own mom, not Brad's. Ex-mother-in-law is not a relationship people should nurture, especially when there are no kids involved. MOVE ON LADY JEN!!!!!!!!!!!Only a week man like VINCE will put up with that crap to begin with.

More on this 2nd pregnancy --how are each of them taking it especially when the last one was so hard on Ange. Any further info on that?

This article seems so contradictory. First it says she is pregnant, but then states she is drinking at Maddox's birthday party. I know Angie didn't drink during her pregnancy. Recently she was also drinking with girlfriends on a night out. What gives? Can't imagine her endangering a child while drinking when pregnant.

this story is contradictory because it is false. 1) it is unlikely that she was able to get pregnant so soon after giving birth, and 2)it's unlikely angelina would drink if she was pregnant. don't believe this crap


I agree with you.

But if Ange is pregnant, perhaps they could offer Jennifer the option to adopt the baby if Jen wanted to.

if it's true that angie is pregnant. well, that's good news!!!!!!! because, i'm pretty sure that's another wonderful baby..... WOWWWWWWWWWW..........

that is crap.. she's not pregnant! she just gave birth 3 months ago.... it would be too hard on her now to do it again

whos the retard that said she will put a baby up for adoption

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