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Jennifer Aniston dumps Vince Vaughn.....

Jennifer Aniston dumps Vince Vaughn.....

Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston are headed for a permanent break-up reports NW MAGAZINE


Stories of trouble in the pair’s relationship are widespread, but doubt remains over who is the driving force behind the split. One source alleges that Vince is pulling the plug, while another claims it’s really Jennifer, 37, who wants out.

A report published in the US suggests that Vince, 36, is being pressured by his mum Sharon to end the romance. Sharon reportedly believes Jen’s on the rebound from Brad and doesn’t truly love her son.

“[Sharon] told him that if he married Jen, he’d be in for a world of heartbreak,? says a source. “Sharon said they needed to take a break so Jen could find closure with Brad.?

After listening to Sharon’s advice, Vince reportedly called off their secret nuptials. “He told Jen they need to take a breather,? the source adds.

But pals of the former Friends star say it’s Jennifer who’s calling it off after becoming fed up with Vince’s party-hard lifestyle. During a recent holiday in Mexico, the couple clashed over the actor’s boorish behaviour.

“She says he acted like a jerk, staying up all night with his friends, drinking and smoking,? one of Jen’s mates reveals. “It dawned on her that this isn’t the kind of man she wants to marry.

“The fact is, she dumped Vince.?




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I can see why Jennifer broke up with Vince. But I assume she stopped smoking. I know she use to smoke. Good for her. I hope Jennifer finds love, she deserves it.

Leigh-Ann... I totally forgot about the Jen smoking thing.... funny because when the breakup came out, there was goossip that Jennifer couldn't quit because Vince is a Chain Smoker.... I think she still smokes...

I feel so sorry for Jennifer, I bet her life feels empty with all this publicity about her ex husband and new baby. She deserves happiness, and a true man who cares about her.

Thanks Fabien. I knew she was trying to stop smoking. Now that she is away from Vince, and all that stress....she will probably try and stop again. I read where she wanted to stop smoking.
I always thought Jennifer had high moral standards, and that sooner or later she would dump Vince. He seems to wild for her.

ohh my god!!!
is that true??!!
i mean...they can't break up...
they look so happy together...

I so doubt it they make stuff up when they havent been pictured in awhile and vince is in sd filmimg a movie. they make alot of stuff up so i wouldnt worry

I think Jennifer and Brad are soul mates and will get back together somehow...

Ms Aniston ia onw of those rare women that you find that is fanastating while being mysterious at the same time.

She is like a never ending romance novel that excites you, makes you cry and keeps you on the edge on your seat and always wanting more.

I see her as a women that needs romance in her life 24 hours a day, I was very disappointed by the reports of her in hotel rooms with Vince, it just not suit her. She comes for a dignitfy family tree and does not deserve that type of exposure.

She is in my book simpley amazing and deserves to be treated as a women of integrity and refined culture.

Oddyssy-I hope you're right. But Brad seems so happy with Angelina, and their children. After all that has happen, I doubt Jen would take Brad back.

She can have me. I don't party or stay out all night and I'd love her.. I write screenplays too.. Anybody?

GOD, I HOPE IT'S TRUE!!!!! VINCE FINALLY WISED UP AND DUMPED HER!!! YEAH for VINCE!!!!!! Screwed her, used her and threw her away like a used tissue!!!

Jennifer, Please contact me--you will not be disappointed. CLAY

Hello, I'm your soul mate calling for you--please contact me. CLAY

I hope its true too. Because Jen can do so much better. Vince was just a re-bound for her. I agree, he is way to wild for Jen. She just wants a normal life, and Vince parties too much. Good luck to Jen.

Did you read what was posted or did you just start shooting off at the mouth? The blurb here reports that JA dumped Vince. lol.

You know what-- I'm so gullible I think I'll just wait for a reliable report or statement of some kind. (rolls eyes)

I love jennifer aniston, she is so lovely and sweet. Though i never like brad, i love to see them together maybe bcoz i really want to see jen so happy and in love and i admit they look cute together. but when i learned about vince, i swear i would love jen to take brad back. so long jolie i never like you either never did specially when you said brad is not your type then later have his baby? go get yourself another man, you're not half the woman jennifer is.

i would love for jeni to be happy i am sorry for the time she has been heartbroken jennifer u will find a good guy some day dont be in a rush i love u. and for brad and angelina let them be happy they deserve each other cos they r both heartbreakers...jennifer u r a strong person i belive this will go well for u

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