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Pregnant Britney Spears Nude on the cover of Harper's Bazaar

Pregnant Britney Spears Nude on the cover of Harper's Bazaar

Britney Spears Nude on the cover of Harper's Bazaar REMOVED BY REQUEST OF The Hearst Corporation.

Until Hearst Lawyers get to these Innocent Bloggers

You can See Britney Spears Nude on the cover of Harper's Bazaar HERE > HERE > HERE > HERE > HERE >

All the same pictures but I wanted to give some options

Toxic singer, Britney Spears goes nude (with strategically placed hands and arms) on the cover of the August 2006 issue of Harper's Bazaar reports JustJared/ The photo spread includes one pose with a pregnant Britney (in a black backless gown) carrying and covering 9-month-old son Sean Preston Federline's bare baby butt. One more of Britney in a g-string baring her belly hanging out, and a few other tasteful shots.

Britney Spears recently confessed she was shocked when she discovered she was pregnant with her second child.
The singer admits it took the approval of husband KEVIN FEDERLINE before she could get excited about the prospect of childbirth again, less than a year after son SEAN PRESTON was born.
She says, "I was shocked because it was so soon and I was a little scared at first. Yes, I was very surprised.

In other news, Britney Spears is to move back in with her mum Lynne after a string of mishaps with baby son Sean Preston.

The singer, 24, has decided to return to Kentwood, Louisiana, as she prepares to give birth to her second child.

She is pouring money into her mother’s home to make room for her growing family and plans to take hubby Kevin Federline with her.

The star has consulted doctors at a nearby hospital over her new baby, due in September reports The Sun UK.
"He (Federline) was a little shocked too. But his shock turned to excitement and he said, 'Let's just go for it.'"





I am NOT a Britney hater, but, I just hate when blondes dye their hair black, I think it clashes with her skin tone, not to mention little toe head Preston, what's up with her?

Well, siknce Britney is really a brunette then it doesn't matter what color her hair is Tracy! Leave Britney alone and let her do her thing! Hater!

I kinda like her with the black hair, its cute on her (not angelina jolie cute...but cute), it reminds me of when Christina had black hair. I am not a fan of the G-string shot though she looks huge . not flattering at all

And Jenney, Britney has being begging to be left alone, and I would leave her alone, but she does Big Dateline Interview, OK magazine spread now goes nude for Bazaar. She loves when she is talked about.

C'mon Jenney, I'm not a HATER, get a grip already. I'm talk'in about the chemicals in the dye being a hazard if you're pregnent. AND-she's a blonde! Look at pics when she's a kid, whatever are you talking about?

hiya brit iz actuli a brunette naturally.
u always c her roots! but i think she looks beautiful both ways,
tho i do prefer her blonde.

Interesting. Wasn't she just on TV whining that people won't leave her alone and doing her best to cry? Perfect tine to pose nude for a major magazine. Good idea, Brit.

Tracy pick up a book and get a little education. You can die your hair when you are in your 3rd trimester, which she is. She looks great, I bet you wish you will or did look like that at 7 months. Don't be so negative, come on!

hey did any one noctice the picture at the top of the article. u can see her nipple. when was that pic taken and for what.

she looks put together in these pics then she did on dateline

DTE.....I did look like that, even better, and no, I didn't dye my hair because of the chemicals, there's no guarantee using any of that stuff while you're pregnant BTW-I will try to be a little less negitive, Have a safe Holiday

just fyi...some natural blondes experiance darkening of their roots, and some get bad enough that they have to dye it. dunno why it happens, but it does. i think britney dyed her hair a lighter blonde, as it wasn't quite that light before, but she is definately a natural blonde.

[if ever in doubt, look at her eyebrows...people often forget to lighten or darken their eyebrows when they dye their hair]














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