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Beyonce Sizzles at Bet Awards

Beyonce Sizzles at Bet Awards

Mary J. Blige, Kanye West and Jamie Foxx were big winners at the BET Awards
last night (27.06.06).

The oscar-winning actor and musician Jamie Foxx won two Black Entertainment TV (BET) awards in Los Angeles reports BBC news

He won best video and collaboration along with hip-hop star Kanye West for their hit song Gold Digger.

The awards honor African Americans in music, acting and sport. "Love to all the black people," Foxx said.
Kanye West added: "Y'all are stepping up black music. This is the best music right here, and we've got to keep on giving it to them like that."
Mary J Blige was named best female R&B artist, while Chaka Khan was presented with a lifetime achievement award and sang with Stevie Wonder and Prince.
Other winners at the BET Awards - the Black Entertainment Television
Awards - included Chaka Khan who received the coveted Lifetime Achievement
On accepting her accolade she told the crowd: "I am so honoured to be
honoured by my people. This means everything to me."
The 53-year-old legend was then joined onstage by Stevie Wonder, Prince,
India.Arie and Yolanda Adams for a five-song performance.

Foxx, West, Beyonce and other winners Chris Brown and TI also performed at the ceremony.

Concreteloop writes of Beyonce's perfomance

Beyonce looked really beautiful and set the bar for performances that night. It was appropriate to have her as the opener. The all-girl band gave it an almost old-school Prince-ish vibe, like they were The Revolution, and they seemed like characters in the performance. It was hot chemistry. Her stomach was SICK, Beyonce’s body is great after Dreamgirls, even after putting on some more weight. Her energy was amazing, as well as her chemistry with Jay-Z. I really think Beyonce has stepped up her performance game. And I know ya’ll peeped Jay-Z smaking B’s butt. I guess the couple is being a little more playful now.

Teenage R&B singer Brown won both best new artist and the viewers' choice awards, while TI collected the best male hip-hop artist honour.

Missy Elliott won the award in the best female hip-hop category.

BET Award Winners 2006

BET J Cool Like That - Anthony Hamilton
Best Female Hip Hop - Missy Elliott
Best New Artist - Chris Brown
Best Male Athlete - LeBron James
Best Male R&B - Prince
Best Male Hip Hop - T.I.
Best Female R&B - Mary J. Blige
Best Duet/Collaboration - Kanye West f/ Jamie Foxx, "Gold Digger"
Best Gospel Artist - Kirk Franklin
Lifetime Achievement Award - Chaka Khan
Humanitarian Award - Harry Belafonte
Viewer's Choice - Chris Brown, "Yo (Excuse Me Miss)"
Video of the Year - *tie* Mary J. Blige, "Be Without You" and Kanye West f.
Jamie Foxx, "Gold Digger"








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Now we know! Beyonce and Jay-Z are still together and Rihanna could only dream to have Jigga!

I wonder what these guys would say, if a white guy stood up at an All White Awards Show and said, "Love to all White People!"
If you're going to be exclusionary, listen to your own words and keep it to yourself.

Re H .

Wow . His comment just registered... Funny I would have expected that out of Kanye's mouth, before Jaime.

Okay, here goes......"Love to All White People!" There, no harm done at all-

I wasn't that thrilled by her performance. It was the same 'ol dance and collaboration. I think that she should have taken more time to work on the album and the performance. She is a little redundant and over exposed.

For those who were offended by the "love to all black people" comment and the fact the BET awards honor African American artists, do you also have a problem with the Latin Grammy's which decidely honors latin heritage and artists? Or when they recognize being latino in their acceptance speeches? Just a thought.

OMG I love them as a couple...

i think beyonce needs to get back her ass. i don't like seeing her curve-less in the rear end

KIM.....no, I personally wouldn't, in answer to your question. I, was not "offended" in any way by his comment-and can understand the meaning (deep) behind it. (and respect that) I also see where h is coming from, and think that too is a valid question, so I think the truth here is, would YOU be offended if some "white" person were to do that? That's the question-

well, beyonce's fans did not expected her performance of this new single, so it was really good to see her performace. Her singing, dancing and showmanship was all amazing!

Listen. I am a black female, and as one I would like to say from experience, to all you ignorant people out there, why is it a crime that blacks are given their own channel (not limited to blacks to say the least) and awarded for the talents that only the public recognizes??? I think it is fabulous that we as a black community uplift one another and show the world that we are capable of bigger and better things besides what society believes and some of us believe. What some of us (as in people of all races) should be asking is why does BET only recognize musicians/athletes/actors (esses)? The black community has soo much more to offer and I hope that we all realize that. People please READ and do your statistics. STOP BEING IGNORANT!!! Blacks make up less than a third of the American population, we are dying from AIDS, Cancer, Obesity, Diabeties, and so much more. Please people do not try to find another way to take away the only sense of encouragement and recognization from the media (ie BET) for our younger generations. I am only 17 years old and I'm aware of this. Latinos are becoming the new majority (making almost 50% of this country's population). We all (as in humans) need to feel a sense of pride and involvement in this country. White people that think that BET is a way of seperating, and dividing the people, please do your research. No you will not have a WET (it is racist). There is no need to encourage a "race" (in that sense) when they are thriving above any other "race" or "ethnic group" in the WORLD!!!!

Beyonce looked amazing and her performance was great and jigga is still the best rapper no argu-a- ment

she aint got no ass!

Beyonce and jay-z are the best couple in the industry. And Jay-z will always be the number 1 rapper.Their performance at the bet award was HOT so keep it up yual

In answer to your question, no I would not have a problem if there was an awards show and someone said "love to all white people". There are plenty of awards shows (the majority of which are predominantly caucasian - as is the majority of television programs in general) that recognize only whites, and have been for many years. So to your question, life as a minority in America is lived on a daily basis watching a caucasians-only awards show, so to speak.

But back to the awards show in general, I though Beyonce did an excellent job and Bustay Rhymes performance was over the top. My only major gripe is that Damon Wayans as the host bombed big time. I almost felt sorry for him. Maybe next year they'll back Monique :-)

I totally agree 100% with shoo. Ignorance is something I hate. That is the main problem with the world today. Stop being so concerned with why WE have and congradulate us for having.


African Americans have spent a lifetime being excluded at every awards show, in the media,in POWER so for anybody WHITE to be offended because we have had to take it upon ourselves to recognize and acknowledge our own accomplishments is racist and ignorant. We don't get love if we don't do it ourselves. So h needs to learn American history.

dam beyonce got some booty in this performance i love her. i love the song and everything about her

I have to say that Beyonce's performance was the best, I love her to death, lol busta performance was good too. Damon Waynes was the worst host ever. They need to bring Monique or Jada and Will back.

dam p.diddy got some fine kids to bad im to old 4 them other wise i would try to do anything to get with them

do it b you workerd that girl!!!!!!

beyonce did her thing.i think she is so sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beyonce gave a wonderfully choreographed and delivered performance. She is sexy and quite feminine without being vulgar. She never insults anyone and tries to represent herself, her culture and her womanhood with dignity. She is also a young woman still growing up and finding her place in the world. Thank God for Beyonce who came at a time when Black women in general have been vilified and pushed to the side as if they were out-of-style for some more Europeanized version of womanhood which really has no value greater than womanhood in other cultures. She reminds us of the spectrum (not just one kind) of true beauty -- both inside and out, that is possible in this world. I hope she continues to do her thang. Haters, get a grip.

hollaaaaaa! ^.^

^^^Please tell me that this was a joke! I'm not going to even begin to respond to all of those overstatements [about Beyonce] in your post, but the nerve to say she's "sexy without being vulgar"? Do you not see the photo still? She has Jay-Z smacking her ass.

But whatever, like I said, I wont get into detail. I think your post speaks for itself. Stupidity. No, I'm not a "hater" because I have a different opinion than you do. Grow up, because that is so immature. I really hope you're not like, 18 and uttering words like "ur just a hater" and "oh yo0 jealous" etc. I am allowed to disagree with whatever and whoever I want to.














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