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Paris Hilton has a crush on Lindsay Lohan

Paris Hilton has a crush on Lindsay Lohan

Paris Hilton has revealed she has a crush on Lindsay Lohan, despite rumors that the pair were at odds.

"I think Lindsay Lohan is gorgeous, beautiful and sexy and I love her," Paris told Top of the Pops magazine.


There hasn't been too much love between the pair lately with Lohan dating Paris' ex Stavros Niarchos and the heiress laughing whilst Brandon Davis verbally attacked Lindsay outside am LA club reports Digital Spy UK.

Paris's change of heart follows a Lohan slam during her appearance at Cannes. The simple life star reportedly played pals in Cannes a voice message from an angry Lindsay Lohan - and called Lohan the C-word, according to a spy spilling to NY daily News.

Paris's publicist denied the report saying he has never heard Paris used the C-word,

"I've never heard her use that word." Lindsay admits she's "mad" at Paris and her sidekick Brandon Davis.

The Paris Hilton , Lindsay Lohan lovefest also follows a face off at a LA hot spot.

Last Wednesday, Paris was clubbing it up with sis Nicky, Courtney Love and friends, hanging at a VIP table at the LA hot spot Hyde - when Lindsay walked in the door. At first, a source reports, Lindsay roamed the club, looking as if she couldn't find a friend. But with such a tiny VIP section, she had no choice but to face Paris - or run! "She was moping around, looking like she didn't know what to do," the source says. "Then she finally just came over. And then she sat down right next to Nicky!" The stunned group sat silently as Lindsay began chatting away! "She starts saying, 'Hey guys, what's going on.' Like nothing ever happened!"

Paris smiled politely, but said not a word. "What could she say? It was so weird, it was kind of interesting to sit there and see what Lindsay would do. She actually looked kind of scared! But she's the one who decided to seat herself at Paris' table."


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This is called DAMAGE CONTROL- she is lucky Lindsey doens't sue them for slander. Paris is nothing more than a meat socket.

Coco , you are right ... I should have known. funny TMZ just ran a story that they met up at Paris's Party and Lindsay forgave her

Maybe she just wants to see what her ex's are tapping into? (If you can't beat them, join them?)

Paris is a life-wreacker. Mind your own business.

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