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Nelly Furtado in Blender

Nelly Furtado in Blender

Nelly Furtado comes back from the edge of career oblivion and dishes to Blender on her putumayo hippie vibe, hanging out with Paris Hilton in Miami and the value of a good booty-shake.

On Paris Hilton: “ Scott Storch brought her around to meet me. She's sweet. Girl-next-door type of vibe."

On Paris Hilton's new album: "She’s an underdog and I like underdogs. In high school I was friends with all the underdogs. I had my cool friends, too, but I liked to be friends with the people that nobody liked. When I met Paris, I told her, ‘Good luck, and you’re innocent til proven guilty in the music business.�?

On her midriff-baring, sex bomb transformation: “I’m just now catching up, accepting my job more. My video choreographer taught me how to move in all these different ways. I’m more at ease with my body than I’ve ever been.�?

On toning down her hippie vibe: “I went through a feminist phase and read a lot of philosophical stuff. Some of the male bashing brainwashed me for a bit so I stopped. I love men!�?

On her initial success: “I realized I had maybe taken certain things for granted. Like, isn’t everyone’s first performance on SNL? Isn’t everyone’s first interview with Vanity Fair? Doesn't everyone open for U2 and win a Grammy?�?





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