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Angelina Jolie offends her 'in-laws'

Angelina Jolie offends her 'in-laws'

Angelina Jolie has reportedly offended her 'in-laws' by refusing to dress
her new daughter in clothes bought by Brad Pitt's parents.
The 'Tomb Raider' actress, who delivered Shiloh Nouvel in Namibia in May, is
said to have balked at the collection of pink, frilly outfits the actor's
mum and dad splashed out on.

Angelina allegedly refused to put the girly garments on Shiloh much to the
displeasure of Brad's parents, Bill and Jane.
A source told Britain's The Sun newspaper: "Angelina knows her own mind and
knows how she wants her children to be dressed. She doesn't like girlie,
pink, frilly clothes. You can see that by how she dresses her adopted
daughter Zahara. She doesn't want her babies to be dressed like dolls."
The actress' decision has apparently left Bill and Jane - who were famously
close to the 'Troy' actor's ex-wife, Jennifer Aniston - fuming.
The source added: "I don't think she realises how much she has upset Brad's
In the wake of Brad and Jennifer's split, Jane was spotted lunching with the
former 'Friends' star and is believed to have kept in contact with her
throughout the couple's divorce.




Anyone who knows anything about AJ, knows she doesn't like pink frilly crap. I personally love dressing them up like little dolls, but, that's not her style at all! Should've stuck with a gift card!

Hey Tracy. Thanks for shoutout . I hope you enjoyed your cruise. sounds fun, hope you got a nice share of sun and quiet.

I live for the drama, what would we do without some Angelina Gossip. I just need to see the nude paintings and I am set....

I'm with you Fabien, she and Brad in my mind are the apitamy of the perfect couple. Let's see some nudes of Brad as well! ;)

I get a bad feeling for these people (Angelina with her dad, Meg Ryan and Jennifer Anniston with their moms) who totally turn their backs to a parent without any inkling of forgiveness for a transgression. They give off a bad karma, and, in fact, in the case of Ryan, who publicly cheated in her marriage and whose career appears now to be over and Anniston, who lost her husband to another woman, only to be humiliated with the public-ness of it all and the world frenzy and embracing of her ex-husband and lover's having a baby..., these two women have had the Bad Karma bite them in their asses. There is a dark side to Jolie also. Wonder if Pitt will have to chose between his family and his "family".

what a crap story! Can't you come up with something pleasant? LOL!!

I agree with H and her comments. I personally had a tough time getting along with my mom and once you have children of your own, you realize that family is the most important thing in the life of someone who is so into family and children. I don't think that it is cool at all. She is way too full of herself. I say whatever to all of this Angelina crap. I know most people love her but what are they loving? Her looks? Sounds superficial to me. As far as her being a humanitarium, why should I listen to you and feel sympathetic to the world when you won't even give any compassion to your own father. I think it's fake. I say whatever.

A kind woman would have put the clothes on the baby at least in front of the grandparents. The baby certainly wouldn't care and she never had to put them on the baby again. But no, AJ is the only person that counts.

As for not liking to dress her up like "a doll", what do you call that bunny suit she had on her other daughter.

If Brad had cajones, he might have insisted that the baby wear the clothes to please his parents.

What a self-absorbed pair.

i dont know whats wrong with angelina she likes only white and black:S
omg Untill when she have to change really iget boring from her dresses although i love her..her kids are really poor..!!!!

How true Bluz........I forgot about that with little Zahara Mmmmmm......if she could do that, surely she could muster up some couth to please the in-laws, at least for their visit

Since Brad Pitt has 3 children not just Shiloh I hope his parents brought along something for all three

Rude, ungracious, controlling b*tch. Pick your fights, Ang. It is hardly worth fighting over clothes that excited grandparents chose for their granddaughter, is it?! I hope this story isn't true but if it is Jennifer must be feeling pretty smug right now.

Angelina is a freak
Poor Brad's family
First Angelina turns the kids into mini-reps for herself and work (and into mini stars) more than treating them like kids that deserve to have privacy and respect.and now Brad joins in (in Newsweek)

He is using the kids just like Angelina does. and they both used tax payers money in Namibia because they are pompous divas.

In fact he most likely got the undeserved title in Newsweek because he and Joklie got the kids to hold newsweeks at various time when the kids were being photographed.
Any one who turns a kid into a commodity and USES them to promote themselves is no parent or humanitarian.

As another new mother, she should be able to dress her baby however she sees fit. I've had similiar problems with my mother in law buying my daughter a bunch of frilly pink clothes so just remeber that that is not everyone's choice of clothes and so if she doesn't dress her in them then that's just fine. Dressing girls up in pink and lace is a thing of the past... there is much more hip clothing out there for babies now.

Just a note on the family thing.. yeah, it's easy to judge and say, "They're being selfish" for cutting their parents out of their lives, but sometimes, it's for your best interest.

My father died in 8/04 and my mother has done some horrible things to me since then, including letting her boyfriend physically assault me in front of her.

If I ever get married and have children, she'll have nothing to do with them and she knows it. Why would I? So she could hurt them? So she could get mad at me one day and her and the boyfriend could go to the police and file false child abuse claims against me to hurt me? (He's done it in the past with previous girlfriends, and when they found out that my aunt and uncle were helping me move, they called the sherrifs office and filed a child protection claim on my cousins which was found to be utterly false, but was done simply out of retaliation.)
Sometimes your family can hurt you more than anyone else, and when they betray you, you have to decide what's more important: A genetic obligation to someone or your own well-being and happiness. It sucks to seem heartless and cold, but what's worse: continuing to tolerate their behavior because they're family or refusing to let them hurt you anymore?

Granted, I don't know the situation with Angelina Jolie and Jon Voight, but I can understand it to a point.

Right, you're all CRAZY.
It's her god damn baby, not Brad's Parents'. Yes it's the thought that counts, but Jolie is the mother, and she has a right to decide whether her daughter looks like a fairy bubble princes pony rainbow or like a normal girl.

nah see there is a diffrence between buying a load of crap for someones daughter with ut fore warning and asking what someone needs for there daughter and going to buy it.

I send them a thankyou letter and the clothes to the red cross or somthin.














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