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Paris Hilton the reggae singer

Paris Hilton the singer

Paris Hilton showed up at Hollywood hot spot Hyde over Memorial Day weekend with the star of her new porn/ music video in her sleek Mercedes McLaren reports TMZ. The car is not as new as the beau, but it still doesn't have license plates and Paris had a hard time recognizing it when it was time for the valets to bring it around. She asks, "Is that my car? No, its not. It's the same color as my car."

Meanwhile, Paris Hilton is set to become a reggae singer.
The fledgling pop star, and budding actress, says the LP - which will also include her version of the Rod Stewart classic, 'Do You Think I'm Sexy?' - will be a mix of reggae and rap songs and will show the world "what she is most talented at".
She revealed to Japanese magazine Prestige: "The whole album has so much different music on it. I like all music.
"It's not like I only like pop or only rock. I want to have something for everybody."
However, Paris says plucking up the courage to make an album wasn't easy - because she had to overcome her shyness.
She said: "I have always had a voice and always known I could sing, but I was too shy to let it come out. I think that is the hardest thing you can do, to sing in front of people.
"When I finally let go and did it, I realized it is what I am most talented at and what I love to do the most."
Paris' reggae-influenced debut single, 'Stars Are Blind', will be released in June. The as yet untitled album will follow later in the year.
Both are being released on the star's own record label, Heiress Records.


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Man are you serious just because you got money doesn't mean that you can just instantly become a reggea star and Paris Hilton shouldn't even attempt to do this at all her T.V. show was a big flop so she decides to try her hand at doing reggea she not from Jamaica or any where else that this type of music originated from and to just because you got money screw up a musical form which has brought enjoyment to poeple for years just so you can make a new buck off the Hilton name this is simply put a Big Ass JOKE to Paris Hilton a another way for her to attract attention to herself I think if she wants more attention MAKE ANOTHER VIDEO.

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