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Justin Timberlake tells Britney Spears to leave Kevin Federline?

Justin Timberlake tells Britney Spears to leave Kevin Federline?

In mid-January, Justin Timberlake, reportedly telephoned his ex- Britney Spears to find out whether she was happy reports Star Magazine."Justin asked pointblank, 'Are you happy?'" a source close to both singers tells Star. "Britney paused for a few seconds, sighed and said, 'Sometimes.... You know how it is.'" "Actually, no, I don't know!" responded Justin. Alarmed by reports that stress over her 27-year-old husband Kevin Federline's reported cheating has begun to make her physically sick and that Britney has been stuffing herself with junk food — her weight has skyrocketed to 140 pounds in recent weeks — "Justin told her that her marriage should be nourishing her, not sucking the life out of her." Finally, the source says, "Justin told Brit that if she's not happy in her marriage, she needs to get out — for herself and for the baby!" (Britney and Kevin's rep says they "are great.")

Meanwhile, Britney's weight gain and recent emotional instability have sparked reports that she's pregnant, just five months after giving birth to son Sean Preston last September! Some of her friends are worried that a second pregnancy could be a desperate attempt by Britney to save her marriage.

Refresh : MTV Diary - Britney Spears


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I dedicate this song to Britney. It is a song that came out in 1968 by The Impressions, and it is called "Fool For You."

Never liked nobody
that's been mean to me.
I've got a heart full of stone.
And I hate the misery.
Then you came along,
into my life,
destroying my mind,
mounting up toil and strife.


Guess I'll always be,
and I claim it famously,
'cause I'M A FOOL FOR YOU.

It's a doggone shame,
knowing you don't love me.
You go on and use me
so continuously.
I don't know why
I love you like I do,
when you're breaking my heart,
and I know it's true.


Doggin me every day,
but child, I'm here to stay.
But I'm a fool for you.

Do me wrong nowe every day.
Child, I'm a fool for you.
Ah-ha-ha, who?
I'm a fool for you.

hey i cant belive all these rumers..... i hate nit wit brit not i love her

I have 2 admit i would love it if britney and justin could get back together-but i think we all know that it will never happen-britney is capable of being so so much more i just hope she can leave that idiot kevin and start pulling her life together cause in all honesty she and her baby deserves so much more-if ya feel me can i get an amen up in here!

I totally agree, when Britney was with Justin she was so much happier and she doesnt look like she is happy now you hardley ever see her with a smile on her face anymore. Kevin is just in it for the money and nothing else other then he thinks she will promote his cd and then he will leave with everything. She deserves to be happy and to me that was with Justin.

justin n britney suit so much wen she was with him she dressed so like a girl but now with kevin she dresses like him a total trash man she still loves justin n e still loves her man it kills me to see her so upset n havin a fuckin shit life with kevin hes afta her money y doesnt she see dis man...she made a big mistake having his son man can u imagine if that was justins baby they would lookk so cute togeva man im so obssesed with britny and justin lol!
p.s:what i rememba wat chritina agulira once sed about the couple is that"i know justin n i know britney they will get back togeva even if they r both 50 they will get back togeva" n im with chirstina i belive they will lets see wat the future bringzxxx

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